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From where can I read important/interesting scientific papers about physics?

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    Check out the Physics Arxiv at:


    for developing trends, exploratory physics and unpublished articles.

    For more peer reviewed articles try Nature magazine.
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    Thank you!
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    Physics Today magazine is also good. It's published by the American Institute of Physics. The articles aren't research-journal type articles such as you find on arXiv. They're news- or introductory-type articles about current (or sometimes historical) topics, written by specialists for physicists in general (rather than for other specialists in the same field). I've subscribed to it ever since I was an undergraduate, first as a member of the Society of Physics Students, then as a member of the American Physical Society.

    It's also available online, but I think you have to either be a personal subscriber or your university library has to have an institutional subscription:

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    It seems that Physics Today is similar to Phys.org in the way that it gives you a brief introduction of a certain project and if you are interested there are some papers you can read (though some of those are free).
    Thank you for your comment.
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