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Front engine dragsters: where science met art.

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    Here's a neat sight I found on Faceplant. Look for the photos of the "Original RAMCHARGERS". These guys were engineers at Chrysler that formed a car club called "The RAMCHARGERS" and changed drag racing history. They were a combination of enthusiastic young hands on engineers and car club members (street racers) from the Detroit area. They raced Woodward Ave. back in the day... cool stuff. There is an excellent book out there written by a former member of the RAMCHARGERS car club titled, "We Were The RAMCHARGERS" that tells the story of these great young Chrysler Engineers and car club members and how they changed drag racing forever and gave us the 426 Hemi and the Funny Car! :bugeye: Neat stuff in my book. :wink:

    Front motor dragsters from 50's through the 70's. Just some cool photos, enjoy. :):


    "We Were The RAMCHARGERS" by David Rockwell PhD (Michigan State University ' 70, ' 76, ' 83), is an Adjunct Professor of Clinical Psychology at Michigan State University.

    Addendum: Just found another site with some great photos. This guy is one of the great drivers.


    Some sample photos:

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    Since there were some views...

    I'll post some other stuff. :smile:

    And you can watch this one as long as you don't live here: Bermuda, Canada, Germany, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands

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    This one appears to be watchable in countries that both care and don't care about copy rights unlike the last one that appears to be viewable only in the counties that don't...?

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    More vintage photos in a slide show. This time to Hendrix man, groovy... :D

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    Some more...

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    More for those those that like this stuff. :)

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    More of that stuff. :)

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