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FTL information

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    I know its been asked a lot of times, but reading all those threads convinced me that through entanglement we can not send information faster than light (FTL). We can just correlate the result of random experiments.

    Nevertheless, reading this articles (and a lot of other similar articles):

    I noticed that quantum - teleportation, which I think works through entanglement, can send information FTL (in fact, instantly).

    So, can we send information instantly or not? And, if not, what is quantum teleportation?

    Or, in other words, What did I misunderstand?

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    What you are teleporting is a state. Generally, that state is undefined. So yes, you can teleport from one spacetime region to another outside the normal limits. But there is no classical information being transferred in this process. So no FTL signal.
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    Actually quantum teleportation does not work by entanglement alone, but also needs a transfer of classical information to be completed. So even quantum teleportation can not transfer states faster than light.
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