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Functional analysis, and Quantum Mechanics

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    I was thinking about taking an introductory course in Functional analysis the commming spring, and was wondering if you more experienced guys can tell me if this is a good complement to understand theoretical quantum physics better?

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    I think so, but I'm going off reading QED plus a very brief introduction to calculus of variations.
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    They are not offering Calculus of variations anymore at my University =(
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    what math courses have you taken already?
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    is this course mathematically rigorous?
    i.e given by mathematicians for mathmematicians (and those who inclined to rigorous maths).
    cause as i know it in QM courses and physics in general you already given the maths needed (with shaken mathematical foundations), because i myself as a maths/physics student as any maths/physics student knows we first learn the maths in the physics courses which are needed and after some semesters or a few weeks we learn it in the specific maths course.
    so i guess i myself first will learn QM and the maths used there in a physics course and afterwards i will learn the maths needed rigorously.
    if you are a maths/physics major you'll know what im talking about.
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    I took a course on functional analysis last spring, and it nearly didn't have anything to do with the QM. It dealt with completely different kind of things, or at least I cannot see the connection yet.
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    Maths and physics are like different cultures. Stick to the boundary of the two and the connections will be more apparent unlike you are a genuis.
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