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Functional analysis with worked examples

  1. Dec 20, 2011 #1

    Are there any introductory functional analysis books which show calculus examples to illustrate the different axioms?

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    I always though Kreyszig's book was outstanding.
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    Yes, I have that. Its still a bit abstract...:-)
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    Functional analysis itself is abstract; being abstract is its entire purpose (it generalizes many of the objects studied in linear algebra and analysis). Really, Kreyszig is one of the friendliest introductions you're going to find. You really shouldn't be studying it without a background in linear algebra anyway.
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    Robert Geroch, Mathematical Physics. Last 2 chapters. Best intro to functional I have seen. I don't know about worked examples. There are some very good examples, but also very nice proofs.

    The point of functional might be to be abstract, but the word abstract is a verb. Things should be abstracted FROM something. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any functional analysis book that keeps that in mind quite as much as they ought to, except maybe Dieudonne's History of Functional Analysis, but it is not very complete or readable.
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    Ok cheers
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