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Furnishing new Study/Office, finally!

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    So apparently my university doesn't only have roach-infested holes-in-the-wall for rent and I should learn some patience. I can finally move out of the dorms and into a nice house with an extra room that I get to make into an office or study or whatever you want to call it. Somewhere where I can stay up late doing problem sets and chugging coffee and not annoy me roommates.

    But first I have to think what I need to buy for it before I go back. Suggestions? A whiteboard is a must but I'd like a few other things too.
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    Math Is Hard

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    Congrats! What have you got for it so far? Desk, chair, bookshelves, lamp?
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    For me, the lighting is most important. No fluorescent or bright LED lights, just nice soft light, preferably from a couple table lamps positioned so that no shadow falls where I'm writing.
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    I have these small plug-in heaters for keeping a mug of coffee or tea hot. I've got two at home and one at work. One of those might belong on your desk.
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    If you get a whiteboard, you might want to ask around about low-odor markers. In a small room the solvent from the markers can get oppressive. I also like to keep some National brand engineering pads around (product 42-381 for the 50-sheet pads). They are pale green (easy on the eyes) and they have ruled margins and headers on the plain side and 5x5 grids on the graph-paper side. The grids are visible enough through the paper to serve as handy guide-lines for any sketches, flow-charts, text, etc that you want to write on the plain side. I also like to have several mechanical pencils handy - my favorite is an (old!) Swiss-made Caran D'ache Fixpencil with heavy lead (2mm). I also need music. When I'm working on a research project, I like to have music in the background. It's got to be familiar music, so it's not distracting, and it has to be commercial-free, so I rely on my music CD collection for that. Music may be a must for you, if your neighbors are noisy enough to distract you.

    Good luck! I hope your new place works out for you.
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    Desk, computer, lamp, pull-up bar, and weights is all I usually have. Trying to study or get an work done in dorms is pointless.
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    Thank you! :) I'm excited because now I can finally have a quite, private place to work. Right now I'm living in the dorms with a roommate, so it's either try to concentrate in the dorm (impossible) or go to the crowded library (cold and far away!).

    I know what you're talking about Redbelly98 and I have one. I love those things but my tea usually doesn't sit around nearly long enough to get cold. Maybe 10 minutes and then it's on to the next (dozen) cups.

    Thank you Turbo! I do use eng. paper but my current favorite is Roaring Springs Brand. The buff paper is nice because I find it's sturdier than the often thinner green-tinted engineering paper (which rips in my frantic erasing fits). Stationary is important too though, and thank you for reminding me not to overlook it.

    So far: Desk, bookshelves, lamps, plants, rug, chairs, whiteboard, electric kettle, laptop. Maybe I should look into some geeky physics or math posters. Good ones are hard to find though, I've found :/ Thanks for the suggestions guys.
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    I suggest nudie posters of women.

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    a metal filing cabinet and a bunch of magnets. or bulletin boards and pins. i am one of those people that if i'm really into a complicated task, i want a ton of data at an arm's reach, so walls and such are great places for hanging documents. binder clips. a straightedge, maybe stencils. a calculator. and if you're really such a heavy erasinator, maybe you'd like to invest in a good old-fashioned electric eraser like draftsmen once used. with the right rubber, and the right paper, you can even lift ink without too much destruction. an eraser shield might be a good idea, too, if you're touching up detailed sketches.
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    A punch bag or some such, every office should have one.
    A first aid kit, paper can be dangerous.
    And a music generator of some kind.
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