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G-force question. amusment park physics

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    hey, i am a year 11 student trying to complete an assignmnt based on the physics in the amusment park 'dreamworld'

    i have been ask to change something about a ride and write about safety and thrill factor this would affect, a chose the giant drop ( a free fall ride )

    i am planning to change the height of the ride from 120m to 200m , and now trying to calculate g force

    so far:

    s = -200m
    u = 0
    v = ?
    t = ?
    a = -9.8 m/s

    on the internet i found an equation for g force:

    a / g = g force

    a = change in velocity / change in time
    g = -9.8

    i calculated velocity first

    v2 = u2 + 2as
    v2 = (0)2 + (2 x -9.8 x - 200)
    v2 = 3920
    v = 62.1

    now i have velocity i tried to work out time

    v = u +at
    62.61 = o + (-9.8 x t)
    62.61 = -9.8 x t
    62.61 / -9.8 = t
    - 6.39 = t

    and thats it i cannot find a way and i am very confused please help i am still learning :(

    thank you
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    :( help?
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    Let's say you're in a cart moving at some velocity, v, let's ignore gravity for now.
    This cart sits on a rail, at some point along the track, the rail bends into the shape of a circle of radius R (Its radius of curvature is R).

    From the accelerated reference frame of the cart, what force would you feel? (Hint: It would be the centrifugal force)

    Once you've answered that question, you can generalize to any curve with a given radius of curvature, and thus find the acceleration the passengers would feel moving at any point along that curve, provided you know their velocity.
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