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Gauss's Law and Magnetic Reconnection

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    Hi, I have a question regarding Gauss's law and magnetic reconnection. From what I have heard Gauss's law for magnetism (Div B = 0) clearly states that magnetic reconnection cannot occur. Furthermore, according to the THEMIS project, magnetic reconnection triggers an acceleration that creates aurora borealis.

    My question is in regard to what contradictions there are between Gauss's law and magnetic reconnection. I appreciate any help given.

    Best regards//
    Aurora Austra.
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    Welcome to PF!

    Hi Aurora Austra! Welcome to PF!

    Gauss' law for magnetism (divB = 0) allows field lines to end at neutral points.

    There's plenty of stuff on this on the internet, eg wikipedia and http://www.cesura17.net/~will/Ephemera/Nerdliness/MR/index.html
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    Thanks for answering, but how can I relate Gauss's law for magnetism to aurora borealis. The reason I emphasized Gauss's law for magnetism is due to the fact that I read about aurora borealis and stumbled upon magnetic reconnection and from there arrived at the lovely train of Maxwell's equations; Gauss's law for magnetism.
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    are you trolling? :frown:

    there are plenty of websites where your can look this up, several of which you've obviously already seen

    read some more, and if there's anything that needs further explanation, link to it and ask for comment
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    I see, it seems as I have already stumbled upon the answer. I just had to read between the lines. If there is anything else, I will not hesitate to ask. Much obliged sir.

    Best regards//
    Aurora Austra.
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