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Gel pen refill ink is what ester?

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    I want to try to use neutral pen and ink to fill with all the gel pen refill

    But oil-fill plug, what won't and you want to use ink compatible?

    Oil is the plug at the end pen ink, back or prevent ink evaporation.

    Google queries to be only lithium ester, but not too much formula
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    Your post makes no sense. Please try to post it so that people can understand it.

    Thank you.
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    This is mot likely a proprietary information and you will have a hard time trying to get it from the producer. The only other options are either trial and error or a systematic analytical approach. Typically both much more costly than buying a new pen when necessary.
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    Ah, I think he's asking about the clear gel they use in the gel pens. It prevents ink from drying out or leaking but moves with the ink as it gets used.

    proshenn, you could try searching for patents on the material used this way. But the exact formula may be something the company doesn't prefer to make common knowledge.
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    Did some research and found some information.

    Have you seen these
    which states that it is a silicon grease plug - see below **

    giving some inkling (pun ) to what is in the ink

    http://www.mg-pen.net/key-blue-gel-pens-66/384.html [Broken]

    I do wonder if plain old vasoline grease be a suitable substitute..

    Hope that helps you out for further investigation.
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