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Homework Help: Gen Chem - Isomers in a complex ion

  1. Mar 14, 2009 #1
    How can you know if a complex ion has an optical isomer or not? I understand that it's when the mirror image can't be superimposed but am having trouble recognizing it. For example, take
    [Co(NH3)4F2]+. Does this have an optical isomer or just cis/trans?
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    Try to draw it.
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    right, I did that. but I'm not sure if the NH3s are fixed or if they can move around etc.
    I have:
    NH3 - Co - NH3

    And one F coming out of the screen and the other in the back. So I think it has cis/trans, but I'm not sure about optical.

    EDIT: the picture isn't coming out right but the metal has 4 NH3 ligands on surrounding it.
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