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Gender Independent Salutation in English

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    I need to publish a list of a committee members. Is there any better way of preceding each persons name by Mr/Ms ?
    1. Mr/Ms Rajendra Adhikari ---- Chairman
    2. Mr/Ms Ramkumar kafle ----- Vice-Chairman
    etc. I am searching for single word replacement for Mr/Ms if there is any?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Multicellular organism
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    Not in formal introductions, unless you want to acknowledge them individually by name if they have similar credentials.
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    "Dr." is of course an option in some cases, but you really should find out these peoples genders. What's keeping you from doing that?
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    Just pronounce them all as "Mr.", that way you likely won't be more than 50% wrong.
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    I don't personally know the people, just emails and forums.
    "Whats your gender?" , Won't that feel awkward?. The obvious counter question -"Why should it concern YOU?", and the funny reply "I can't find gender independent salutation" :tongue:
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    Whatever you do, don't use the Crocodile Dundee approach.
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    Try this, "I'm making [project] for [noun], and I'd like to have a title by your name, which do you prefer: 'Mr.', 'Mrs.', or something else?"
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    "Dear" is as close as it gets in my experience. "Dear Bob Smith", for example, is common enough and usually taken as an indication you want to sell them something.
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    Why not use their committee title as their title?

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    You can use Wikipedia to find people with those names. For example, Rajendra and Ramkumar are both men's names. Just look them up and try to figure it out:

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    i would use the format he had, just omit the salutations if there is no way to confirm them otherwise. getting a bit trickier these days anyway, what with transgenders and all that.
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    Agree with Proton Soup, just leave them out. Anyway, I've heard it that some women find Ms offensive.
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    That would have to be 'chair person' and 'vice chair person'
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    Yes, it's 'persondatory'!
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    Yes. Simply use their first and last name. I'm really not sure why titles are still being asked by certain website, as our world is far less formal now that it used to be.
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    Omitting the salutation works, of course, but at the cost of loosing the respect a good salute provides. Salutation used to be used for a reason, isn't it?
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    protocols of etiquette, i guess. which may also differ by region. most people here are thinking in a very modern western liberal point of view, i think. you probably need to stick with whatever is considered best where you are. worst case may be that you chase down everyone to find out their salutations.
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    Omit the Mr/Ms/. just use the name and title and let other people try to figure the gender.
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