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Medical Genetics - a link between maths and autism

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    Professor Simon Baron-Cohen is doing an interesting study of the links between autism and the ability to do math or systemise.


    Autism: the truth
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    Whilst there is a great deal of despair for many parents of autistic children, especially when the diagnoses is new, today there are so many more options, and a great deal more understanding and help than once was the case.
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    High functioning autists with asperger's syndrome often become academics. This comes as no surprise considering that they naturally do not deal well with people. In fact, it is one of the recommended occupations for such people. Rather than needing to have great people skills, in academia they require a high degree of abstract thought. No offense to mathematicians, but their discipline requires the least interaction with the real world imaginable.

    Hence their prediliction for mathematics may have more to do with their social skills than genetics. Savants provide an interesting example. Although some are incredible mathematicians others are good with music, the weather, etc. Too bad the professor used such an unfortunate choice of words to express himself. Perhaps he too is a high functioning autist.
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