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Geographical mathematical calculation

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    Help Physics forums,

    A Geological mathematical question was posed to me recently that I need an answer to please.It goes like this:

    "A roughly 5-mile run at the bottom of a chasm gets it roughly one mile closer to standing still.About how high up would you have to meander to catch the sunrise?Then it say's "Give us the answer in hundreds of feet"

    Remember it ask's ABOUT how high up.I cannot figure this one out or take a guess where this is in the west(but that is where it is).I would really be Very gratefull for a correct answer and the means of obtaining it.Thanks. joolesj@msn.com
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    Although I don't know much about geology, I have no idea what the question is asking.

    You probably also want to edit your email address out to prevent spam.
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    I do know a little bit about geology... and I too have no idea what the question is asking.
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