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Geomagnetic Reversal 41k BP 240 years Paradox? Mechanism?

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    There has been a series of papers recently published that provide observational data that indicates that something is cyclically abruptly changing the geomagnetic field.

    The rapidity of the observed geomagnetic field changes cannot be explained by a core based mechanism. There is no geological mechanism that can change the liquid core cyclically and quickly enough to cause the observed surface geomagnetic field changes.

    As the mantel is conductive and liquid core is conductive, counter emfs are generated that resit rapid core based changes. For that reason geomagnetic field reversals and excursions where believed based on the assumed toy model to take roughly 2000 to 5000 years.

    These rapid paradoxical geomagnetic excursions correlate with abrupt climate changes and with super volcano eruptions.

    The geomagnetic field changes come in a small, medium, and large. The small and medium geomagnetic field changes have been shown to correlate with very large solar magnetic cycle changes.


    http://www.paleomag.net/members/qingsongliu/References/EPSL/Thouveny%20excursions%20since%20400%20ka%20EPSL%202004.pdf [Broken]


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    The following are additional papers that support the above comment.

    http://www.paleomag.net/members/qingsongliu/References/EPSL/Thouveny%20excursions%20since%20400%20ka%20EPSL%202004.pdf [Broken]

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    That's very, intruegingly, interesting, thanks for posting.

    Even more interesting that the Lachamps event can't really be related to any other event. Maybe vaguely the Australian mammal extinction, but then again why not elsewhere.

    Will we ever understand what's going on?
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