George Ellis corrects Leonard Susskind

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George Ellis has found an apparent mistake in Lenny Susskind's recent book "The Cosmic Landscape" about the multitude of string theory vacua and ideas of a multiverse.

Ellis is an interesting figure, this thread has some background and comment on a recent article Ellis wrote for an Elsevier Handbook.

Ellis is co-author, with Stephen Hawking, of a well-known reference "The Large-Scale Structure of Spacetime"

Regarding Susskind, he posts the following note:

On horizons and the cosmic landscape
George F R Ellis

"Susskind claims in his recent book The Cosmic Landscape that evidence for the existence and nature of 'pocket universes' in a multiverse would be available via detailed study of the Cosmic Blackbody Background Radiation. I point out that apart from any other queries one might have about the chain of argument involved, this claim is invalid because it rests on a confusion between the nature of a particle horizon and an event horizon in cosmology."

Ellis gives this link to a passage of Susskind's book containing the questionable claim: [Broken]

[my comment: this seems to be a decent way for the arxiv to work, no blogs or trackback mechanism needed---if you find an error, simply post a note on arxiv politely pointing it out]
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