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Get Applied Math BS in addition to Physics? (Goal=Medical Physics)

  1. Jul 30, 2009 #1
    I was thinking about postponing my graduation one year to get a BS in Applied Mathematics in addition to my Physics BS.

    My goal is to get into a top Medical Physics program. I am currently a member of a Medical Physics research group here at my school and have impressed my advisor. He thinks I have an idea that is worth publishing.

    I know that Medical Physics relies heavily on mathematical modeling. Would it be a waste of time to stay here another year and get a second BS?

    In addition to gaining applied math skills, I think it would give me time to work on some projects and get my name on some publications from my Medical Physics research group. Plus my wife and I love the weather here in California and are not looking forward to moving back east for graduate school.
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    Not worth it. Especially for medical physics. If you can get into grad school now, go now. If you can't then "getting your name on some publications" may be worth the time. The amath will not be (unless you're stuck there anyways).
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    I used to coop at a couple medical physics outfits. None of them had much of a math background (which is part of the reason I ended up leaving coop).
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    I think what this really depends on is how strong your application will be as you complete the physics degree. Additional mathematics can help you, depending on the project you choose, but provided you have a physics degree, you should already have a sufficient background to start a graduate project.

    My advice would be to apply for the program that you're interested in. If you don't get in, do the extra year to strengthen your application. But if you do get in, there's not much point in delaying (unless staying in your current location is that important to you).
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