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Intro Physics Getting a picture of the whole of physics

  1. Aug 27, 2016 #1
    This is a difficult task but it's my reason for studying physics. I'm a physics undergrad.
    I want , really badly، to get a picture of the development of the whole of physics and math up to this point. From the earliest thinkers who tried to put the world of experience into mathematical concepts, what is the earliest form of mathematics and how it gradually developed and branched so many different forms and what was the reason for each one.

    Same with physics, what problems occupied Galileo and Newton, what assumptions they had to make, and how they developed their theories. So starting from very early I want to get a picture of how gradually Newton's mechanics, electromagnetism, relativity and quantum mechanics developed and most importantly how they built on the weaknesses of previous theories or expanded on them.

    I know this is huge. But any advice on books or lectures that could help me with this is deeply appreciated. I went into physics to understand realty. And in my undergraduate years I have been given formulas and problems to solve without any background for why they are this way and what led to their development and their connections, it's like I have been inside the building of phyphys working the details Now I want get a look at the building from the outside.

    I'm sorry if this is a bit vague. But this endeavor, for a lack of a better word is very important for me.
    Thank you for the taking the time to read it.
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    hello there!
    I found this timeline


    on wikipedia and I think it gives a good picture. After that I suggest searching on the internet for each one of the names for an even better idea.
    Apart from that I would suggest a book about the history of physics and maybe of the physicist himself in order to follow their way of thinking.
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    One of the best books of this kind, where you literally get a picture about the history of all of physics is

    K. Simonyi, A Cultural History of Physics

    with a good text and tons of original material.
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