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Schools Getting in Northeastern University

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    My name is Bruno.

    I'm applying to Physics at Northeastern university. I have a Fellowship to study there (from another institution). My problem is that I have failed the IELTS exam (6 and I needed a 6.5). I will try the TOEFL, but I don't have too much time.

    I also have a master degree with good grades.

    If I fail in the TOEFL it is still possible to get in?
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    Vanadium 50

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    You'll have to ask them.
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    I'd like to know what are my chances to get in the Univeristy.
    I have a master degree in physics and my grades are:
    17 in masters (scale of 20)
    15 in bachelors (scale of 20) T
    hey are good grades.

    I have a fellowship that pays until 17000 (year) dollars for the tuition and also covers all living expenses. I didn't get a straigth answer for the exact value of the tuition, but I think that the fellowship isn't enough. For the rest of the money I will need to ask for financial aid.

    I'm waiting for the gre results.
    My physics gre went good.
    In the end of the gre general they estimated my scores and the quantitative was low for a physicist (740 in the old scale). I left some question in blank do to time (4 in the total), but the rest was correct.
    Maybe I forgot to click to mark some answers. I really don't.

    I'm working in two publication, but I don't think that they will be completed in time.

    I have strong recommendation letters from very good scientists. (one in specific is really famous in my field)

    I have earned two grants.

    I will try the TOEFL exam in 13 Jannuary and hope to score more than 79.
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    I understand the desire to know what your chances are of getting in, but it's pretty unlikely that anyone on Northeastern's admissions committee is going to browse this forum anytime soon. So you'd be a lot better off by simply emailing the department with this same question. They're likely to give you a much more reliable response anyone here can.

    One thing I can tell you is that there are minimum requirements for getting into most departments and these include language requirements. Unfortunately I've seen too often students who meet the minimum requirements but who still struggle with the language, sometimes to the point where they have to drop out. So if you can't meet the minimum requirements even, you're going to have a hard time convining anyone to admit you.
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    I didn't post the news. I was able to get 98 in the IELTS, and I was accepted in the University. :)
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    Are you talking about the physics program? Were you at the open house on March 17th by any chance? I've been accepted there too.
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    Yes I'm talking about the physics program. No I did had been at the open house.

    You have been accepted, congratulation. Do you know if the qualification exams are hard at this university? Since I have a master I can take the exams at entrance. If I pass I will not need to attend the first years classes.

    I really hope to pass at that time.
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    They said at the open house that everybody who took them passed on the first try last year. The year before that, two failed, but one of those two passed on the retake.
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