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Getting started with Clifford Algebra

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    So what background should I have to get started in Clifford Algebra?
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    It depends on your perpsective, but you'll definitely need some abstract
    (commutative) algebra ; quotients (rings, algebras, etc.), and some
    multilinear algebra. Maybe you can reverse-engineer your knowledge, tho. (i.e., go top-down , instead of bottom-up). Why not take a look at it :


    and see?. Maybe you can start with some concrete questions.
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    I think you'll be able to handle it

    (Ok, sorry, but the joke had to be made!)
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    Thanks, I will combine it with My Hausdorff-on-Golf Links.!
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    If you just want a quick and dirty introduction to Clifford algebra, I really liked Penrose's treatment in "Road to Reality."
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