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Getting started with Texmaker (Linux)

  1. May 5, 2007 #1

    I understand how to use LATEX on this forum, but I was hoping to learn how to write actual documents using it. I have Texmaker installed on my computer (if there's a better editor, do tell), and I have no idea how to create a pdf or document or whatever I can create with this program. Any help?
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    Dr Transport

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    In Texmaker, go to the options->configure Texmaker and then under quick build set up your preference to be thge PdfLaTeX + View PDF.....

    I have used a fair number of the LaTeX editors out there, this one is as good as anyother and because it is free, you can't beat it. Couple of quirks, I need to do a little more investigation to check on them.....
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    Thanks for the reply. But even after doing that, I still can't seem to make a pdf, ps, etc. When I try to go to quick build I always get one of two errors:
    1) "Log File not found!"
    2) "Could not start the command."
    Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it?
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    Dr Transport

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    Did you install MikTeX???? when you have, then reinstall TeXmaker and you should be up and running.
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    For getting the "Could not start the command" I have been through a lot trying to get it to work on Windows (Vista) and it works for me.

    First of all, if you did not install Miktex (or a similar program) to do the processing for Texmaker, then it won't work. I was in that situation, as I didn't realize there was another program you had to download required to make it work. If you haven't downloaded another program to make it work, then you need to download a program like Miktex. (Miktex is also free, so no worries, but it is a pretty big download.)

    If you installed Texmaker, and then Installed Miktex, you need to uninstall Texmaker, and then re-instal Texmaker.

    I selected "PDFLatex + view PDF" under Opotions, Configure, and then Quick Build. (I also input the right address for PDF viewer in the view PDF part)

    Then it should work. I can't be sure about anything non-basic (such as in the original post) but it works for test pages.
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