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Does any forum platform come equipped with LaTeX?

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    Hi all,

    I want to create a private online forum for a small team of project members, and we will require LaTeX. I've been trying to google options, but most forum platforms do not seem to support LaTeX 'out of the box.' (Or at least I can't seem to find any that do... )

    If anyone here is aware of any options for me (free or paid) please let me know. I would really like a platform that comes equipped with LaTeX supported by default, without having to install additional plugins etc.

    However, if none come equipped with LaTeX, please suggest a platform which is easiest to use (to install LaTeX), hopefully one with enough documentation out there I can use for reference, for installing pluggins etc. Keep in mind, I need something user friendly and private, this is not meant to be a public forum.

    Thank you =)
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    Mathjax, pretty simple to install (actually this is the solution used at PF). No plugins required, it just loads javascript from the web to interpret your page and converts LaTeX to images client side.
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    thanks, ill look into this.
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