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GLAST scheduled for launch on 3 June

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    http://scienceblogs.com/catdynamics/2008/05/glast_launch_schedule.php [Broken]
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    I'll be down at the Cape for the launch. I'll let you all know how it goes. :)
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    This launch has been pushed back more times than I can count. I wouldn't count on June 3 either. IIR, NASA had a problem with a beam designed to mount the 2nd stage on top of the 1st stage of the Delta, and more slippage could occur. They're only going to to get one shot at this, so unless everything looks perfect, expect a belt-and-suspenders-type conservatism to prevail.

    GLAST could provide critical observations shedding light on the conjecture that light interacts with the space through which it propagates, leading to a frequency-dependent speed of propagation. Google on "Fotini" and "GLAST" for details.
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    As of right now, all technical problems have been cleared. The biggest concern is the May 31 launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery. If that launch is delayed, so will the GLAST launch be. Weather is another concern. Unexpected technical delays can arise at any time, but right now, it's all clear.
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    That's good to hear Laura, and I'm hoping that you are in a position to know this definitively, because I've been anxiously awaiting this launch/deployment for what seems like forever.
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    I can't believe I missed this thread.

    Well, the countdown is finally on for Discovery... so far so good for GLAST. One thing I must comment on is Discoveries crew member Karen Nyberg.

    Very easy on the eyes.:!!)
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    Update: The launch is still on target for June 3. I got my official invitation a few days ago. They're worried about Space Shuttle launch delays due to weather, but we won't know about that until Saturday.

    B. Elliot: lol!
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    from the first link above'
    "With GLAST, astronomers will at long last have a superior tool to study how black holes, notorious for pulling matter in, can accelerate jets of gas outward at fantastic speeds."

    Am I corrent in thinkin that astronomers could possibly use GLAST to prove the existence of balckholes with its images? Would it be able to identify "hawking radiation" or these jets of gas as explained in the NASA article?
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    Delay: The GLAST launch has been pushed back two days to June 5. This is due to some kind of testing issue with the Delta II rocket. The good news is, a potential delay to the Shuttle launch will have less of an impact on the GLAST launch.
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    Delayed once again.

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    Sadly, I've canceled my trip to Florida. The current status is no earlier than June 9, but it changes every day.
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    Sorry to hear about that Laura. The second I read about the delay, I remembered your plans to be down there. I was just checking the launch schedule and realized that there's quite a gap in launches from June to September. At least there's LCROSS to look forward to!

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    That's too bad Laura. It's hard to plan a trip around a project like this - I had hoped that the delays were over, but feared that they were not. GLAST's schedule has been slipping routinely. At least the end is in sight, since the launch vehicle is assembled and ready.
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    And your point would be?
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    It may actually launch today. All known technical problems have been waived or solved. Weather is 60% favorable as of 8:15 EDT this morning. The launch window is from 11:45 AM to 1:40 PM. Looks good!
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    Fingers crossed for a clean launch and deployment!
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