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I Gluon Field Fluctuations

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    So below is an animation of a quantum field's energy density fluctuating. Specifically, a gluon field.

    So the empty spots are not truly empty but where the field is at the lowest energy. I saw a video from veritasium stating that the quarks are likely to live on top of those lumps. Why?

    And another question is that what are those lumps? In QFT, high excitations of field energy results in particles. So are there gluon particles there? It seems not as the animation is about the gluon field in vacuum, not particles.

    And finally, if there are no gluon particles where those lumps are, then why would quarks want to be there?
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    Vanadium 50

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    Do you want to tell us where this comes from?
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    Oh sorry. Here it is

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    Vanadium 50

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    Translation: here's a page with a half dozen animations on it, any one of which might be the one I am interested in.

    Sorry, you're going to have to find another playmate for these games of yours. I'm not going to guess.
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    Its the top one in the link. The first two that plays automatically are similar. Its the top one. The one that doesn't have yellow in it and is mostly blue with spots of red. It's something about action density.

    The animations to the right and above illustrate the typical four-dimensional structure of gluon-field configurations averaged over in describing the vacuum properties of QCD. The volume of the box is 2.4 by 2.4 by 3.6 fm, big enough to hold a couple of protons. Contrary to the concept of an empty vacuum, QCD induces chromo-electric and chromo-magnetic fields throughout space-time in its lowest energy state. After a few sweeps of smoothing the gluon field (50 sweeps of APE smearing), a lumpy structure reminiscent of a lava lamp is revealed. This is the QCD Lava Lamp. The action density (top) and the topological charge density (right) are displayed. The former is similar to an energy density while the latter is a measure of the winding of the gluon field lines in the QCD vacuum.
    and the picture is the one that I posted in the OP. Sorry for being vague. I get absent minded about these things sometimes.
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    I looked at the page you linked to but didn't see any references to the actual math behind these animations. Without that it's going to be very difficult to answer your questions.

    Same problem here; without a reference to the actual math it's not really possible to answer. In short, the videos by themselves are not acceptable sources for a PF discussion.

    Based on the above, I am closing the thread. @FallenApple if you can find references to actual math (preferably articles or papers discussing how the videos were generated), PM me with links so they can be reviewed.
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