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Going to be addicted to this site...

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    My name is KATE. I'm 46 yrs old. Married to an OR Nurse. I want to change careers. Want to be a radiology tech. Taking Physics. Love problem solving and Physics but still feel like a babe in the woods. Trying to conjur up my old knowledge. Been a while since my last math class... Any help is going to be extremely appreciated!!
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    Welcome to PF Kate! I've been addicted to PF for 15 years :)
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    Thank you! I'm doing HW so do i just post the problem and see if someone has the answer?
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    Please post in the homework forums and fill out the template. We don't give answers but try to guide you to the answer.
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    Nurses Rock! Welcome to the PF, Kate! :smile:

    EDIT -- And I heart RTs too... :smile:
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