Golden Ratio Dragon Fractal (figured it out)

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Back in november I asked the forum about this fractal:

At the time I couldn't figure out how to make it.

Since then i've figured it out. I used MS Excel.


I'm not completely satisfied though. There are some gaps between the major portions of the fractal that I'm pretty sure are a result of the limited precision of Excel. I'm not so good with coding, so I just brute forced it with the only program i know well.

Also, I was only able to iterate the fractal 18 times. My laptop was struggling hard to iterate the final step and even failed several times to do so. Excel crashed like 4 times in the middle of calculating. So i think a 19th is out of the question given my limited abilities.

Hi resolution:

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Is the Golden Ratio a requirement? If you were to use 1.7, or 1.6, or 1.5, or 2, how different would the figure be?