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Goldwater winners track record

  1. Aug 22, 2013 #1
    While the Goldwater scholarship is new compared to, say, the Rhodes, I was curious about the track record of winners compared to the Rhodes, Churchill, Fulbright. For that matter, NSF Fellowships too.

    Wiki had nothing on this, but since the award started in 86 and these days it takes a lot longer than it used to to train scientists, get them a position, etc., maybe it is expecting too much to see a bunch of Nobelists, Fields medalists, Turing winners, etc.

    Or do you think that great scientists rarely distinguish themselves as undergrads?
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    I actually am friends with two people who have won the Goldwater Scholarship. One is now a graduate student at Harvard, another is currently a senior. Both are absolutely brilliant, with many academic achievements/other awards and were/are very involved in research as undergrads. They also double majored and took a lot of very advanced classes.
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