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Track cycling is a bicycle racing sport usually held on specially built banked tracks or velodromes using track bicycles.

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  1. PhysicsNoob2

    Finding max velocity for a kart on a circular, banked track

    This is a UK A-Level question that I'm really struggling with, and can't seem to find any resources online that explain it well. I've been given the following details: mass of gokart + driver = 520kg radius of track = 42m Maximum frictional force between tyres and road on flat track F = 20%...
  2. pinball1970

    Music Cover songs versus the original track, which ones are better?

    Which songs were performed, arranged or produced better in a cover than the original version? Which songs should have been left well alone? Also, I think restricting the covers just to released singles will restrict some interesting stonkers and stinkers so album tracks are allowed.
  3. sachin

    Newton's laws--Block sliding up a frictionless semi-circular track

    While coming across a question on Newton's laws,I found a case when a block slides on another block kept horizontally as in the figure.All surfaces are frictionless. My concern is for the blocks to be in contact that is to move together will the horizontal velocities of both the blocks be the...
  4. M

    I Motor driven pendulum - How to track its position?

    Hello, On the image below is a test pendelum for rock wool production. The pendelum is driven by two induction motors. When the right motor makes one revolution, the left motor makes two revolutions. The motors are positionally locked (example: when the right motor is at 35.3° the left motor is...
  5. M

    Track Drive Around a Wheel?

    Attached are photos of a Ford Model A snowmobile. The owner wrapped track pieces around the rear wheels, but it does not appear to have a bogie or other track drive system. Does this setup look like it is really effective as a tracked machine?
  6. Ineedhelpwithphysics

    Speeds of the rolling ball at different points in this roller coaster track

    For this question i tried to reason with my self that C was the fastest and A was the second fastest. B would be the third fastest and D would be the least fastest since the ball has to go up. I looked up the answer and it says that C is the fastest , B and D are equal, and A is the slowest. How...
  7. K

    Studying How to keep track of the latest results in your field?

    Hello! What is the best way to focus on the most relevant, recently published papers in your field (in my case physics). Usually I just go on arXiv (hopefully most of them will be there), choose my field of interest and start scrolling. But that takes a lot of time. Searching for key words helps...
  8. R

    Calculating Track Acceleration Due to Gravity

    The force is driving the rotation is gravity. My question is that what is the track acceleration? How do I calculate it?
  9. B

    2 Carts on a Track Compressed by a Spring -- What are their Velocities?

    a)What is the total energy in the system? Only energy acting on the system assuming the track is level and there is no potential energy of the carts, is the potential energy of the spring. Comes out to 7.8125 using the potential energy of a spring equation. b) What are their velocities if the...
  10. AndrewEE

    Engineering [Circuit Analysis] Am I on the right track with this problem?

    *A is the node all the way to the left above the 30V but I didn’t end up using it because I don’t think you need it since the same as 30V, right? * I know I messed up somewhere because shouldn’t V1-4 = 30? After finding my V1 I used that value to find the other Vs and it ended up being close to...
  11. J

    I Slanted mast track physics

    Words from manufacturer: "SLANTED MAST TRACK The slanted adjustable mast track raises the front section to help the board get on its rail even earlier in light winds and sinks the back section below deck level to improve control in planing conditions."...
  12. V

    Circular motion of a particle around a track -- what provides the centripital acceleration?

    Suppose a particle is moving around a circular track of radius R at speed v. To bend around a circle some agency has to exert an acceleration towards the center of the circle. I analyze the forces acting on the particle, its weight and the normal force and there is no acceleration in the...
  13. J

    Stainless Steel track surface grade to match a 440C roller?

    I have a machine I am designing that has a carriage supported by Track rollers on a machined flatbar track. The load that each individual roller will experience could reach 2000lbs. worst case scenario. The track surface is machined 304L - 1" wide as you can see in the green in the attached...
  14. W

    Runner's track distance error problem

    Here is the official solution: I don't understand this solution. Firstly why can the author assume wlog that slower runner ran exactly 1 mile? Secondly, if 3.3ft is indeed the max error then worst case scenario is that first runner's track was 3.3 below actual length and 2nd was 3.3 over...
  15. cle102

    Uniform Circular Motion: banked race track circular path

    Basically, I need help to continue on this question. This is what I have now: Angle of the race track (angle of the grey part): tan(18/(169-108)) = 0.30396 Not sure how to continue?? What am I supposed to do and find next? Thank you in advance! :smile::blushing::oldbiggrin:
  16. K

    Comp Sci Kalman filter in one dimension to track a moving object

    Below is the whole code. I can't change the whole code, I can only change the "Kalman class". The Kalman class in the code below is my attempt to solve the problem. But the code doesn't work well. I have written these 5 equations in the Kalman-filter algorithm: State Extrapolation Equation...
  17. D

    Form of a track in a mechanism

    Hello, I am trying to design a mechanism that moves a piece towards the center of a disk by rotating a second disk as described in the picture below. There is a stationary disk which restricts the motion of the piece, so it can move vertically only. There is also a second disk that it is located...
  18. Nexus99

    Cylinder inside a cylindrical track

    1) Conservation of energy ## mg(R-r)(1-cos \theta_0) = \frac{1}{2}mv^2 + \frac{1}{2} I \omega^2 ## because of pure rolling ## \omega = \frac{v}{r} ## So i got: ## v = \sqrt{\frac{4}{3} g (R-r) (1-cos(\theta_0))} ## this is how i got normal force: 2) ## N - mg = m \frac{v^2}{R-r} ## where v is...
  19. jim mcnamara

    Attempt to fast track some potential antiviral drugs from known drugs

    Article being reviewed here: https://theconversation.com/we-found-and-tested-47-old-drugs-that-might-treat-the-coronavirus-results-show-promising-leads-and-a-whole-new-way-to-fight-covid-19-136789 Journal article: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-020-2286-9 This is not anything we can use...
  20. A

    Work-energy principle for a block fired up a vertical track

    I know how to solve the problem but have a question related to it. When the block is initially released from the spring the spring, having been pulled back, should give an initial velocity to the block. In that case why is the block's initial velocity zero?
  21. Benjamin_harsh

    Circular track problem

    Circular track: Both are in same direction.A = 3m/sec, B = 1 m/sec. Circumference of track= 100m. What is the time taken by A & B to reach starting point for first time?
  22. Kaushik

    A small mass on a wedge having a stationary circular track

    A small mass of ##m## starts sliding down a wedge which is having a stationary circular track on it. If ##M = 2m## and friction exists between the wedge and the horizontal surface. Draw the Frictional force vs Theta graph. How to draw the graph? Please HELP
  23. J

    Programs Should I pursue an Engineering or Physics track?

    Hello, all! Brand new here, so I'm still learning all the ropes. Anyway. I'm a first year Electrical & Computer Engineering student at a Community College in Delaware. The program is designed as part of an articulation agreement with the University of Delaware in order to make a transfer to...
  24. Ethan Klein

    Courses Math Methods Vs. Analysis Track

    Hi Everyone, I am transferring to Cal in the fall for Engineering Physics and am currently deciding which math track to take. The first option is to enroll in math 121A/121B, which are mathematical methods courses for scientists and engineers (covers series, complex numbers/integration, PDE's...
  25. TheDudeTR

    Determine the magnitude of the total force exerted by the track on the

    This is the question. This is the FBD in the solution given. What i didn't understand is the sense of normal force. in the question mg force pulls particle down and according to my logic normal vector should be upwards in this conditions. but it is downwards in the given FBD. when i try to...
  26. Alexanddros81

    A toy car is set rolling on a straight track

    Hi. My question is regarding toy car A. If the car moves to the left, is the constant acceleration of ##2.40 \frac {cm} {s^2}## to the left or to the right?
  27. Alexanddros81

    A glider of length 12.4 cm moves on an air track

    Homework Statement Serway Physics - P2.40 A glider of length 12.4 cm moves on an air track with constant acceleration (Fig P2.39). A time interval of 0.628 s elapses between the moment when its front end passes a fixed point A along the track and the moment when its back end passes this pont...
  28. S

    B How hard is it to track moon cycles

    I know this may be extremely basic to almost everyone on the forums, but I really can't tell if moon cycles are predictable or not ! like can we tell in advance when is the full moon ? I feel like the answer sould be a definite YES, but my confusion is based on what I see each year. I live in an...
  29. Davephaelon

    I Particle track resolution of the positive lambda particle

    The positive lambda has a quark composition udc, and a lifespan of 2 x 10 minus 13 seconds. When this particle is created in a collision, inside a modern detector, how long will its track be? At near the speed of light, its lifetime would allow it to traverse less than a tenth of a millimeter...
  30. J

    Solid sphere rolling along a track

    Homework Statement Please see the attached file. Homework Equations Ei = Ef The Attempt at a Solution I don't have an answer key provided, but I'd really like to verify that I'm right (or if I'm wrong, why). I think ti'd be (c) because assuming that due to inertia, B will continue going...
  31. W

    Decoupling Capacitor for a PCB Track

    Homework Statement Homework Equations 3. The Attempt at a Solution [/B] Currently stuck on the question relating to the value of capacitance across X1/Q1 to reduce the voltage to 1 LSB I have calculated the voltage of the 1LSB to be 0.8507 mV ADC Range/Resolution 3.3V/2^12 I have...
  32. prashantakerkar

    Calculators Slider or Track Bar control

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slider_(computing) Is it possible to design a Slider control which is displayed as a Circular shape, the control can be adjusted by moving the pointer clockwise to show the progress value similar to a Circular Wall Clock ? Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
  33. M

    A Relation between the track of a particle and its energy loss

    Hi, I'm trying to simulate the process of charged particles attenuation in matter (like this) by a montecarlo-metropolis algorithm in Python. I thought that I could use for the number of particles at thickness ##x## the formula ## N (x) = N_0 e^{-\mu x} ##, so the probability in this case will...
  34. Akash Pratap Singh

    Keeping track of different mathematical works

    I just like to read and know, and still, I realize that there have been so many works in mathematics and so much to study which I don't even know of. Is there any way I can keep a track of different mathematical works so that I can read them. For example, it was not very late when I came to know...
  35. Senim Silla

    Yacht going around a track - circular motion

    Homework Statement A model yacht runs on a horizontal frictionless oval track as shown (viewed from above) in the figure. The curved parts of the track are semi-circles of radius ##R = 0.5 m##; the straight sides have length ##L = 1 m##. The mass of the yacht is ##m = 0.5 kg.## A force of...
  36. C

    Circular track displacement

    Homework Statement [/B] Student runs 3.4 laps in 30 minutes on a circular track with a radius 100m, She begins at the western most point of the track and travels clockwise. after this she gets sidetracked by the ice-cream truck, and follows it due west for twenty seconds at 4m/s. a) determine...
  37. Z

    What is the torque required for a track to climb over a step

    I'm trying to figure out whether it is best to use a multi-wheel or track system to get an object over a step, however I'm having a bit of trouble finding the torque needed for a track to pull itself up and over. Diagram of course is not to scale, but I've drawn up something of the situation...
  38. Alexanddros81

    Calculate the contact force between the skis and the track

    Homework Statement 14.37 A 75-kg ski jumper starts his run in the position shown on the parabolic track. The equation of the parabola is ##y = (12/225)x^2##, where x and y are in meters. Neglecting friction, calculate the contact force between the skis and the track at O. Homework...
  39. F

    Collision of a ball with a rod on a track

    The rod is attached and can frictionlessly slide on the purple track. The questioner specified that the collision is elastic. The first obvious error in this problem is that the direction and magnitude of the final velocity of the ball is impossible. If the ball carries off all the energy it...
  40. Kara386

    Particle track detector to measure the charge of a particle

    Homework Statement The detector is made of two co-planar layers of silicon two metres apart, and there is a plane of wire chambers halfway between them. The wire chamber can measure a track with precision ##100\mu##m. What is the highest momentum a particle can have for which the detector will...
  41. K

    Final velocity parallel to the track when the ski jumper lands

    Homework Statement The skier leaves with 10 m/s What is the final velocity parallel to the track when it is hit? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I have already found out d which is 21,27m and the time for the movement which is 1.6s. I can also find the impact velocity, but how am...
  42. O

    A stuntman drives a dirt bike on a curved track....

    Homework Statement A stuntman drives a dirt bike on a curved track with a radius of 7.50 m. If he starts from rest and accelerates at 2.35 m/s2, at what time will the magnitude of the total acceleration of the bike be 5.02 m/s2? (Hint: the tangential acceleration will stay constant at 2.35...
  43. Irfan Nafi

    Which ball has more energy halfway through the track?

    2 frictionless tracks have equal length bumps with one going up and the other down. Halfway through the track which one has more energy? Assuming that they started at the same height, I thought that they had the same amount of energy, but since Ball B ends up having a greater velocity at the...
  44. A

    Minimum h for Car to Remain on Track Around Loop

    Homework Statement A car of mass m is initially stationary on a smooth track at distance h above the ground. What would be the minimum value of h required in order for the car to remain on the track throughout its journey around the loop of radius r? Homework Equations KE(bottom)>PE (top)...
  45. R

    B How to track the center of mass of a human in a video

    So a few months or years ago I learned that most of the energy from swinging comes from raising the center of mass at the lowest point of a swing. I also recently found a method of swinging that maximizes this energy gain. You squat on the swing, and stand up every time it gets to the lowest...
  46. D

    Magnitude of force of a disk on a circular track

    Homework Statement A small disc, radius r and mass m = 7.9 g, rolls on its edge. The friction with the track is enough to prevent slipping. When released, it rolls down the track (sketch) and reaches a circular section with radius R = 5.1 cm, which is very much greater than r. The initial...
  47. V

    Integrated track length in electromagnetic shower

    Homework Statement Show that integrated track length in EM-shower is proportional to ##E_0##. Homework Equations ##E(t)=\frac{E_0}{2^t}##, with radiation length, ##x_0##. Knowledge that shower terminates at ##E_c##. The Attempt at a Solution The total track length is naturally the total...
  48. T

    Physics Should only people from elite universities bother with TT (tenure track)?

    I hope my question doesn't sound bitter, it's not meant to be, I'm just a grad student wanting to get some opinions on how things are. I'm especially interested in hearing from people outside academia as well, since I assume people *within* academia might have an unrealistic view of what the...
  49. Nikhil Rajagopalan

    Jumping off a moving cart on a frictionless track

    If we consider a cart of mass M ,moving along a friction-less track, with velocity v on which a boy of mass m, stands at rest initially at the front end of the cart . If the boy jumps from the cart, in the direction of motion of the cart with a velocity u relative to the cart, what will be the...
  50. I

    I Blower for linear air track

    I am a Physics teacher. I made a linear track of length 2m with 400 holes(two rows of 1mm dia). Somewhere I read household vacuum cleaner can be used as a blower. But it does not create sufficient pressure to lift the cart. What should be the specifications of the blower which can be used...