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Good Bye. I'm leaving. But I'll be back.

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    In less than 48hours I'll be leaving for Germany. I'm going to Germany for exchange. I'll be going into second semester year 12 there it is a German Gymnasium and I speak very little German. I'll be in a little town of 22k people. I can't wait to experience this european winter.

    I'm coming from Australia. Specifically North Queensland, which is the tropics and it is constant summer here. I've finished high school here, this is my year off between highschool and university.

    Anyway just wanted to let you all know that I'm leaving cause I sometimes read that some of you are abit offended when people new come along but they never seem to stay. Though I don't post very often I'm on here daily reading posts and I've learnt alot just from reading.

    I'll be back Jan next year.

    Thank You.
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    Have a safe trip and a great time! What a great opportunity to experience! (We don't get offended so much as worried when people disappear on us.)

    And, if you get a chance to get online while there, drop us a note and let us know how the experience is going.
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    Cool, have fun!
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    I believe that they have internet acess in Germany... No reason to leave, you will just be logging in from a different time zone.
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    Hab eine gute und sichere Reise.

    Viel Gl├╝ck.
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    danke schoen.

    Integral, I know. However I cannot determine my access to the internet though.
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    Whitay, ich wuensche dir alles beste! :wink:
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    Welcome in Deutchland then and if you want some tips about the country. You're welcome.

    Yes, there is internet here, last year the last zulu drums and Alp horns have been abandoned. They did not suffice anymore for telecommunication. Nowadays there is even high speed broad band and at some shops you can actually pay with credit cards already, although reluctantly as the mirrors and beads paying period is still fresh in the memories.
  10. Mar 28, 2007 #9
    Yeah so I've been here 5 weeks. It's so much fun. Next week I'm going to switzerland to skiing.

    School is so boring I don't understand anything. But anyway.

    The weather is good, but it's warming up way to quickly.

    I don't want to write to much because otherwise I'll get stuck and just end up writing way to much.
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    Thanks for the update and glad you're having a good time.

    When you say you don't understand anything in school, is it because of language difficulties, or that the subject matter is harder/over your head?

    I hope you're taking lots of pictures!
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    The Language.
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    Do most people speak English in Germany? I would guess that the younger people do, but the older ones probably don't.

    Hope you continue to have a good time!
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