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Good colleges with full-paid scholarships

  1. Feb 24, 2016 #1
    Right, I am poor. Consider pretty great in India, but hey if you compare that to the fees of MIT or UCLA or Oxford, don't have that much.

    I would like to have an undergraduate degree in Physics. But, time and time again, I am struck. There is variety, but I would like to enter the best I can. The best in research. IISc is a viable option here in my country, but for now I'd like to avoid it. I obviously, am aware that the number of good teachers here are extremely limited. I'd be grateful for your guidance. It has to be fully paid, or something under a 1500 dollar per year. I'd work to somehow carry my own expenses in the university somehow.
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    Most colleges in the US have a small number of very good "recruiting" scholarships that are awarded to the best of the best of the incoming freshmen, but these are very competitive. Clicking on the scholarship/financial aid links on their main admissions page is the best way to find out about them.
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    In general, US colleges and universities offer fewer undergraduate scholarships and other financial aid to international students than to US students. They tend to target international students who can afford to pay the full price, as a way of boosting their revenue.
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    Does any university in UK have financial aid?
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    universities in UK have scholarships and financial aid, but it is very expensive for international students (non eu).


    Usually they charge about 9000 pounds per year for EU students, for internationals however I have seen fees going up to 13000 to 18,000 pounds or more.

    total fees for EU students are usually 27,000 pounds for 3 years.. for internationals it can be much higher. This is just tuition, living costs not included. The point is, one would need an excellent amount of scholarship (something in the 70%-99% range to perhaps bring it slightly to your level).

    1500 dollars per year for tuition, can it be brought down to that level? Possibly it would depend on your grades. If you can get a near-full scholarship then yes.

    The best UK universities for Physics, cambridge, oxford, imperial, etc..usually have entrance examinations and interviews too, so find the information for these quickly. Applications for financial aid must be made as early as possible. So please find bear in mind these procedures and find out as much as you can by emailing them.

    In the UK there are also extremely restrictive laws towards foreign students in the realm of jobs, I believe there is a limit to the number of days you can work. Also after your degree you have about a few months to find a job or you would have to leave the country! My relative was given 3 months after his degree. The laws have become very unfavourable for international students, let alone the fees of 13-18 thousand pounds. So it may be better to do it in India. From my research IISC or Delhi university are excellent too.

    If I may suggest otherwise, there are plenty of excellent colleges in the US who would give you decent to full scholarships. Just that they cannot be on the level of MIT's or Oxfords as far as reputation/research is concerned.

    I know boston university gives decent scholarships to internaitonals: http://www.bu.edu/
    My friend got 50 percent off on tuition at University of British columbia, (Canada though): https://www.ubc.ca/

    universities are also a business and do not give scholarships easily, both the above examples..they are the best students with sports and extracurriculars.

    So certainly, there are many colleges if you want to apply. But not all will be at the level you want.
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    To the OP:

    My understanding is that most undergraduate scholarships in universities at various countries around the world are directed towards domestic students. Generally speaking, it is not especially common for undergraduate scholarships to be offered to international students (i.e. non-domestic students), and the few that are offered are very competitive. There are some specific scholarships available for international students, such as the Fulbright scholarships to allow said student to study in the US, but these are also highly competitive.

    In some countries, the government will at times cover full tuition for the students to study overseas -- does India offer such opportunities? Beyond that, I'm afraid your best bet would be to seek scholarships at a local university in India.
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    Why do universities offer scholarships? To attract higher caliber students than would otherwise consider them. It's not to educate for free a large number of students from abroad, and especially not those with mediocre track records. (I am not saying the OP has a mediocre track record, but we do see a lot of posts from South Asia from people who do) If you recognize this, it will lead you to a more realistic way of thinking.
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    Of course, I am not saying I am mediocre. I would consider myself cream of the crop, in our country, from the result I have from competitive exams.

    Eventually, the reason for foreign studies, is that the Basic Sciences, are looked down upon in my country. The only good institute for Basic Science's only takes 240 students, from all the candidates, since the examination is disguised in the form of Scholarship, and usually most of the selected candidates give it for the money, and not for getting in.

    Similarly, for there is 9/10 chances that I might get in, but even if I do, I would prefer foreign education.
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    Work very hard and do very well in a challenging science or engineering major, and you stand a much better chance of an opportunity here as a graduate student.
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