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News Good Lord!, Lead Poisoning in Other Parts of Michigan Too!

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    First, I actually lived in Michigan for 3.5 years (in Ann Arbor, Jackson and Ypsilanti), so I wonder if I could have been affected!

    Secondly, does lead poisoning only affect children? No teens/YA to full adults?

    Third, what on earth is wrong with Michigan?! Geez! I've seen some talk about political corruption possibly being the source. What can be done?

    ***Should I even get lead tested?
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    I live in an older part of my city and most of the water pipes have lead. The city is slowly changing out the pipes, but it takes time. I use water filters.
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    Lead (and other heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, etc) affect everyone. Heavy metal poisoning causes nerve damage, but can damage other organs, e.g., kidneys, as well.
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    Recent research has mostly exonerated lead used in the aquaducts as the cause of the fall of the Roman Empire. The Romans however used lead extensively in their society as the US was doing and by 1980 it was consuming 40% of the world supply.
    Read about this in http://www.epa.gov/aboutepa/lead-poisoning-historical-perspective [Broken]

    A lot of information regarding lead and its toxicity can be found in CDC's online course, Its organized in outline form and is easy to get the information your might be interested in.
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    Bad areas of california like riverside were named worst drinking water. normal to have lead/arsenic at low levels. Each area has their own problems.
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