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Good method for studying boring and mnemonic stuff?

  1. Apr 11, 2017 #1
    I have to study art, history and philosophy in order to pass the year and get to the university, im doing really really bad at them and when i study them i get always distracted because i hate them a lot...
    How can i do?
    The idea that i I'm in trouble doesn't make any effect on me, seems like my brain prefers being anxious rather than study them
    I also have lot of trouble memorizing stuff that i dont like
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    The more you "hate" them, the more difficult it becomes, because you decided to fight two opponents instead of one. So the obvious advice is to change your attitude or at least ignore your emotions. Beside this, those fields can be exciting and interesting as well as physics. Did you know that many mathematicians play a musical instrument? And really many have read books about philosophy, too. At least they usually have basic knowledge in these fields. There is no reason to "hate" them. E.g. guess how often we get posts here that say "Is xyz real?". We don't discuss philosophy here but it shows how connected it is to our understanding of physics and mathematics.

    The most often cited method to memorize things is to create a story. First one associates certain images or stuff with the objects to memorize, and then build a story with them in mind. E.g. if you want to memorize "Claude Monet - 1872 - soleil levant - impressionism" you could associate "Claude = closed eyes" , "Monet = money" , "soleil = sun" , "levant - rooster" , "impressionism - weight" and build a story like "At sun rise the rooster crowed, reminding me to make some money today, at least $18.72, although my closed eyelids still weighed on me." = "soleil levant - Monet - 1872 - Claude - impressionism".

    I don't know whether this is helpful, but it is the method people often tell, when they are asked how they managed to memorize e.g. 200 digits of ##\pi## or similar things. They usually create a walk through a building or similar.
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