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Good tv shows

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    I just finished watching breaking bad, probably the best shows I've ever seen, and am looking for a new show to start watching. I started watching monk, but I'm not invested yet.

    Any suggestions?
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    I still like watching old episodes of The Office and Parks and Rec. I'm trying to get into House of Cards and Game of Thrones. I have a guilty pleasure for TLC's My Strange Addiction.
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    Yeah, Breaking Bad is quite a something.

    As for recommendations, here's a couple and one:

    Firefly - a sf-western of sorts, made by Joss Whedon and starring Nathan Fillion among others. A fantastic, fresh look at the genre, with lots of trope decompositions, geeky humour and actually quite hard science(as far as this kind of shows goes). Unfortunately, it got cancelled even before the first season ran its course, so there's just fourteen episodes. Luckily, the loose ends were tied up in the follow-up feature-length film "Serenity", which should be considered as part of the series. Altogether, a true gem in the genre.

    Boardwalk Empire - a prohibition-era gangster story. Starring Steve Bucsemi as the Atlantic City's bootlegging kingpin and politician. Gritty and down-to-earth, it skillfully makes us disapprove of the characters' actions while simultainously making us root for them as we see where they're coming from. In a similar theme to Breaking Bad, there's a lot of regular people doing questionable things.
    Currently renewed for the fourth season.

    Life on Mars - a British series following a present-day police officer seemingly transported to the 70s after an accident. At its heart, a seemingly by-the-book case-to-case cop show fare, with somewhat predictable clashes between the police procedure approach of the protagonist and his new collegues, but with delicious silver lining of the matrix-like "dubious reality" kind. I love the ending.
    There's just 16 episodes(split in two seasons), and that's just about right for this show.
    There's also an almost carbon-copy US remake, if you're allergic to British reality(which I assume is the only probable reason for its conception).
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    I like Äkta människor, a Swedish series that translates to Real Humans. It's about robots that are almost indistinguishable from humans and the problems and dilemmas that arise from that, great series.

    Then there is Forbrydelsen, or The Killing. Quite slow if you compare it to Breaking Bad, but it's an interesting unraveling of a story about a girl who was murdered.

    The Following is interesting as well, about a cult of serial killers.
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    Pretty Little Liars
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    The Walking Dead

    My sister has gotten into Madmen, but I haven't looked into it yet.

    I used to watch a lot of Criminal Minds (but, horrific as the episodes are, it's gotten repetitive, no new twists on the formula).
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    I'm waiting for,

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    Boss. A pity that it was cancelled after season 2. And Kings, also cancelled. Sigh :(
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    m k

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    The Wire
    Babylon 5
    Last of the Summer Wine
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    Spartacus ended its run today - and I am not exaggerating when I say it was the best finale I've ever seen. A truly magnificent end to an epic series.
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    Robot Combat League. :tongue2:

    Kidding. I watch it, but it's a crock.
    One that I truly love watching might not be high art, but it's amusing and demonstrates the absolute best relationships among child, parent, and grandparent—Castle. (It doesn't hurt that both leads and many guests are Canucks.)
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    The Big Bang Theory if you don't mind stereotypes.
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    I think 'Bar Rescue' on Spike TV is pretty good. It is fun, and you can learn some useful things.

    In general, Book TV on C-Span on Weekends has some pretty good stuff, but it is too much of
    a hit-and-miss: really interesting at times, but pretty boring others. Still, there is a schedule so
    you can know if there's something good: http://www.booktv.org/

    And a little on the lighter side, the Sitcom Becker: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Becker_(TV_series [Broken]), if
    you get one of those channels that do mostly reruns, like TVLand.
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    Top Gear if you can get the BBC version. This show is even better than the radio show, Car Talk! (As blasphemous as that comment may be.)
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    George Jones

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    My favourite TV show, ITV's (Inspector) Lewis, just finished its final season. :cry:
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    Yeah, I agree with you on the RCL. The gal&dad combo that finally won just wailed on the opponent. The angle that her blows were landing destroyed HER robots wrists. I saw nothing to indicate that any real strategies were better then then next.
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    Since it's possible the most stupid 'sf' show that was ever made. It is intriguing how they managed to make something so awful.
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    Re my recommendation of C-Span, I wanted to clarify that I meant the weekend ( 8 .a.m Sat to 8 a.m Mon.) programming where authors present their books, and not the general programming -- unless you're into seeing Congress in session.
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