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Goodbye Opera, Hello Dolphin!

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    Posting this for droid tablet users, might apply to cell phones. I used Dolphin the first year I had my tablet because, IMHO, it really is the best droid browser. I switched to Opera Classic the past year for reasons that either no longer apply or aren't worth mentioning.

    In the blur of testing PF4 on different browsers and platforms this weekend, I didn't notice that Opera wasn't displaying ANY of the 'gingerbread' graphics on PF pages. No 'light bulbs' or category switches on home page, no 'eyes' or 'pushpins' on thread lists, no 'gazebos' or 'stars' above avatars on posts... I feel like an idiot for missing this while focusing on other stuff.

    I'm back on Dolphin now and looking forward. I couldn't type even a new post into PF using Opera without a ghost taking over the keyboard. Any other Dolphin users with feedback you'd like to share?
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    hmmm I like mobile Opera. I'll have to test to see what is up
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    I tried Mobile Opera, but settled in with Opera Classic (from Google Play) because (1) I like the speed-dial page with thumbnails and (2) it loads content as it arrives so I can begin reading ASAP. I'm not sure that the problem is with OC - it could be that the graphics are on a server with a mis-matched security certificate? OC informed me of a cert problem on Saturday. Please let me know how I can help.
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    That was during some setup. The certificates should all be valid now.
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    Thanks a bunch for the spot on testimonial. :)

    Dolphin doesn't play well with my tablet's attachable keyboard. The annoyance of fighting Dolphin finally won out over taking the time to choose/install/configure a new browser. Being that PF is my most important site, your satisfaction with OM made moving to it a "no-brainer". I'm jazzing on not having any more problems that distract from maximum enjoyment at PF. :cool:
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