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Home page category management

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    Hey there Greg,

    I'm pruning some items off of my observation list to post now. All apply to home page categories - I don't think any have been reported yet, and hoping I'm posting this timely to 'compartmentalize' for everyone.

    Easy one?: Collapsing/expanding categories aren't sticky between logoff/login. I've tried different browsers ("Yep", cookies are allowed), and am unable to keep any category collapsed between sessions.

    Category Tool graphics:
    1) Desktop Windows/IE11:
    The tool images are barely visible due to foreground/background:
    http://www.impactsoftware.com/private/pf4/home-windows-ie11.png [Broken]

    2) Android tablet TFT700T/Opera Classic: The tool images do not display at all. If I press where I know they should be, I can see a dotted highlight rectangle. The rect is tall enough, but it's only maybe 10 or 12 pixels wide - too narrow for what should be displayed:
    http://www.impactsoftware.com/private/pf4/Home-Droid-OperaClassic.png [Broken]
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    I turned up the opacity of the toggles. I can confirm they don't stick. I'll have to find out why.
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    O.K. I can't say there's much of a difference. I closed/opened IE11, and then tried Chrome. I'm expecting at least a two-tone of alpha-blended white/black. I see the dark stuff, but no highlighting to 'set it off':

    http://www.impactsoftware.com/private/pf4/Category-Chrome.png [Broken]
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