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Google Earth - Invasion of Privacy?

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    http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article2350771.ece [Broken]

    Gee and my car is parked in my driveway on Google Earth too.

    Given that it is a snapshot of sorts at some rolling time, time not specified, it's hard to imagine that privacy is being violated, if people are parking cars on public motorways, or stepping on to public streets from a sex shop.

    The idea that there is a consequential liability associated with impersonal bulk imaging is a trifle difficult to grasp, but then again who would have thought that McDonald's might be sued for someone spilling their own coffee in their lap after getting it from a drive thru?
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    Poor guy :rofl:

    There are many other cases..
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    The implications of this are wide ranging, but it seems pretty clear that what you do in public view is not protected by privacy.
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    I have a hard time trying to an invasion of privacy. I've heard a few stories and personally I think they are quite entertaining. The fact of the matter is that Google earth doesn't intentionally seek out cheating husbands or old men walking out of strip clubs. Besides, these people are doing it in broad daylight, for everyone to see.
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    Wow, he went to a sex shop. I said "sex shop" -giggle giggle giggle..... :rolleyes:

    It would be nice if we, americans, just cut the crap about sex and realize it's a normal part of life. Why should this guy have to hide his face because he went to a sex shop? He didn't go to a whore house....
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    You are no longer safe in your backyard surrounded by a privacy fence.
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    How often are they updated? I saw someone's car which I know they have had for about a month or less parked at their home.
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    I'm sure it's still safe to sunbathe. Though the idea that you might hide a swimming pool from the town assessor has sure come a cropper. Unless you get a Google Camouflage Cover.

    Cheney apparently had his home blurred out of Google Earth. Apparently it posed some kind of security risk in his fantasies.

    On the flip side of things maybe Google should advertise they are picturing a certain area, and if you want to come outside and be part of the photo ... those exhibitionists out there can come be part of an informal census event, or if they don't want their underwear flapping on the line, or garbage cans spilled in front they can go out to tidy up their public presentation before the yellow and white subcompact comes rolling through the neighborhood.
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    Google shouldn't have to tell anyone anything. You're out in public when you set foot out your doorstep.
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    I understand the privacy arguments, but I personally hope the new technology ushers in a cultural change of acceptance, and a consequent fall of the Moral Majority and its idiotic church-mandated vice laws. In a post-Google world, you can sunbathe nude, or go to a sex shop if your Magic Dolphin dies, without anyone really giving a damn.

    I've never understood why many human behaviors, done every day by virtually all humans, are still widely considered to be "shocking."

    - Warren
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    Because a person is intelligent but people are idiots.
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    You're hoping that, by giving them better tools to stick their nose into your business, they'll won't get any feeling of accomplishment and will find something more fun to do?

    Or that, by giving them so much fodder to stick their nose in, they'll become overwhelmed and give up in frustration because they can't keep up with it all?

    I don't think gossip is something that can be phased out by technology.

    As Dolores Keane said, Irish women can gossip, even though it's considered sinful, because they confess and ask forgiveness beforehand.
  14. Mar 31, 2009 #13
    To get caught leaving a sex shop just at the moment the google camera car driving past is pretty unlucky really.
  15. Apr 1, 2009 #14
    what's wrong with going to a sex shop?
  16. Apr 1, 2009 #15
    When its on google earth and the girlfriend/wife/etc sees it. Its the equivilant to being caught wanking by your mum. Everybody does it the act but situation is still bloody embarrasing.
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    chances are that if i went into a sex shop my gf would go with... actually never been into one without my gf. What you're saying is that it is socially unacceptable (even though people do it) and others have also noted that this "invasion of privacy" might actually make socially unacceptable things more socially acceptable and then you wouldn't have to be embarrassed about visiting your local Stinky Pinky. Just like 100 years ago it was taboo to see a woman's ankles... :smile: You gotta love those sexy ankles!
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    Poor ole townies, all that temptation on your door steps, once us bumpkins were told it is wrong to sleep with sheep we were left with no vices.
  19. Apr 1, 2009 #18
    Thats far too complicated for my thinking, its just from my experience people find anything in the trouser department to be embarrasing.

    The other thing I find amusing is people who get redfaced and flustered asking for condoms in chemists. WHY?! they are the ones who are getting some!
  20. Apr 1, 2009 #19


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    A man with a nervous twitch in his eye finds that aspirin helps.
    So he is sitting there going through his pockets pulling out handfulls of condoms before finding an aspirin.
    His friend asks: Why all the condoms?
    Have you ever tried buying aspirin in the chemists when you can't stop winking ? He replies.
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    Depends on your definition of "safe"

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