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Google's most relevant names in Quantum Theory

  1. Jun 15, 2010 #1
    For fun only, put +"name" +"quantum theory" into google search, note approx number of matches :smile:

    1. Einstein 407,000
    2. God 268,000
    3. Bohr 147,000
    4. Planck 138,000
    5. Heisenberg 136,000
    6. Dirac 133,000
    7. Weinberg 120,000
    8. Feynman 114,000
    9. Fermi 91,500
    10. Schrödinger 88,300
    11. Pauli 84,500
    12. Bohm 76,300
    13. Hawking 68,700
    14. von Neumann 60,900 (+Neumann +"quantum theory")
    15. Bose 57,800
    16. Landau 56,100
    17. Wigner 51,000
    18. de Broglie 45,600 (+Broglie +"quantum theory")
    19. Oppenheimer 33,500
    20. Compton 33,200
    21. Dyson 31,000
    22. Witten 28,500
    23. Schwinger 27,600
    24. Bragg 26,600
    25. Max Born 20,000(+"Max Born" +"quantum theory")
    26. Chadwick 18,500
    27. Yukawa 15,100

    Max Born is a bit low here since "Born" is too common to search on and de Broglie result is also probably lower than it should be for the opposite reason. Similarly Yang and Lee are too common to search on.

    I wonder how close the ranking is to a consensus view of the greats of Quantum Theory?
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    God is second so its pretty close.
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    Bill Clinton + Quantum Theory: 7,220
    DrChinese + Quantum Theory: 14

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    +"George Bush"+"quantum theory": 28,200
    +"Allah"+"quantum theory": 7,200
    +"Nikolic"+"quantum theory": 2,860
    +"Demystifier"+"quantum theory": 1,620

    By the way, I have noted that google gives to me much smaller (approximately, by a factor of 2) numbers than those given by unusualname. Does anybody know what could be the reason?
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    Google is constantly changing it's algorithms, updating different parts for different people, and has quite a lot of regional settings, so it depends on where you sit.

    Wrt the list, I think you missed all of our contemporary quantum physicists. A few examples (for normalization, I also get einstein ~ 400k):

    Zeilinger: 40k
    Gisin: 20k
    Plenio: 10k
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    Yeah, obviously it's a very flawed way of determining relevance ranking in the subject, I was just writing a brief introductory article and wanted a quick way to compose a list of important historical figures, mostly nobel winners (But I left out pre-quantum people like Rutherford 39,800)

    You could alternatively filter the search for "quantum field theory", "quantum mechanics" etc. If you just use the search term "quantum" then it gives a similar list of names but people like Bose have unexpectedly high matches. I think the final list I got above wasn't too bad, just a little unfair on Schrödinger, de Broglie and Born.

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    snyder + quantum 4,440,000 results
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    I wonder why you imagine google has something relevant to say about that, since my understanding is that you are interested in the consensus from some definition of a scientific community. No matter how large the community your definition makes, if the definition is relevant, the signal from the community will end up totally washed out from the noise google listens too. I mean that science is not democratic : pretty much all relevant textbook results, at some point were results obtained by one (or a few) individual contrary to the opinion of the vast majority.

    Besides, even if google became an intelligent engine, it is hard to imagine the relevance of the question to start with. Like asking most relevant names in "sport" for instance, how to compare the relevance of baseball player with the relevance of a cricket player : the question itself will sound very different to a US citizen, an indian citizen, and a german soccer fan. Unless you meant "the foundation of quantum mechanics", the question is simply too wide. Modern electronics has very important theoreticians such as :
    Bardeen 33,200 (yet 2 Nobel prizes for work in quantum related areas)

    Finally, few results showing how google has no clue about the foundation of quantum mechanics :
    Bose 89,300
    Jordan 65,200
    Curie 38,400
    Gerlach 29,100
    Goudsmit 14,200
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    My theory why this doesn't work: there's millions of news and ad bunching sites that will have dynamic pages that pull up news articles relating to your search.

    There's also a lot of real news sites that may have two completely different stories on the same page.
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    It seems that direction matters as well:

    "quantum theory" "borg" - 4660
    "borg" "quantum theory" - 4670
  12. Jun 22, 2010 #11
    Me + "quantum theory" - 802,000 results (23,700,000 for me + quantum)

    Which apparently makes me more than twice as relevant as Einstein. Works for me.
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