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I GPS data

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    Hi there! Does anyone know where data from the GPS is available? Any data at all - positions. clock readings anything like that. Many thanks!
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    Vanadium 50

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    Your phone.
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    ..GPS satellite data
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    ##^{50}V\ ## reply is the kind I had in mind (but refrained from...). But MM deserves better: if only he/she gave us a bit more context: you want to look at the raw satellite data with some kind of receiver ? Or you want to know how it all works in detail ?

    I'm inclined to ask: what did you NOT find with google ?
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    I'm looking for raw data for the GPS satellites. So, if for example I had data in regards to satellite positions I could plot the data. Then compare with numerical solutions of Kepler and Schwarzschild orbits. Along these kind of lines but by no means restricted to that.
    Google hasn't revealed much in terms of actual data. I'm quite new to the GPS so I'm not entirely sure the data is even accessible.
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