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Admissions Grad Admissions or Should I Worry?

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    "Grad Admissions" or "Should I Worry?"

    I have applied for physics phd at
    1)Penn State
    2)Louisiana State
    3)U of Wisconsin _ Milwaukee

    Well Louisiana rejected me and no news from the others yet. Is there anyone applied one of these and get accepted or rejected. I think that if I were accepted they would have already notified me. Is there a chance that they put me on spare list?
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    Worrying about it won't do any good, so no don't worry.

    Just wait. Lots of people don't have their results yet.
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    I did the first 2 years of my Ph.D. in physics there. Great faculty and fun, nice grad students. Some of my dearest friends I met there. I hope you like deep fried fish and good beer, cause Friday Fish Fries are a kind of tradition for the physics grad students. I still have some friends who are finishing up there. Good luck.

    Who are you thinking of working with at Milwaukee?

    And yes. Most people have not heard yet- either way. Like Jason said, don't worry. It is not gonna get you anywhere.

    Good luck with your applicaitons.
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    If it makes you feel any better, I also applied to the University of Wisconsin's physics grad program (at the Madison campus). I got accepted to another school that's about as good, so I think I've got a halfway decent shot there...and I haven't heard back from them yet. In fact, I still haven't heard back from half of the grad schools I applied to. So don't feel bad, you're not the only one.

    Incidentally, perhaps you might try applying to some "safety" schools too. As long as you've got above a 3.0, there's always some place that will take you.
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