What is Admissions: Definition and 170 Discussions

University admission or college admission is the process through which students enter tertiary education at universities and colleges. Systems vary widely from country to country, and sometimes from institution to institution.
In many countries, prospective university students apply for admission during their last year of high school or community college. In some countries, there are independent organizations or government agencies to centralize the administration of standardized admission exams and the processing of applications.

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  1. Guts_Vin

    BSc Physics: University Options for a second bachelor's degree

    Hi guys, I'm 26 years old, from India. I passed my 12th grade (high school) in 2016 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Subsequently, I completed a BA in 2021, with a triple major in Psychology, Journalism, and Literature. Then I worked as a journalist for about two years. And then another...
  2. I

    Admissions How can I get admitted into CalTech?

    Hi all. I am a part of the class of 2023 at a very excellent university (University of Michigan) and my dream is to become a doctoral student at the California Institute of Technology. My B.Sc. is in physics and I would like to either pursue physics or biophysics for graduate school. Can I get...
  3. P

    I got my first graduate interview invite

    Not looking for advice I just can't believe I'm actually getting an interview. I've been psyching myself up to prepare to be ghosted by every program and apply a 2nd or 3rd time because I've been so confident that I'm not good enough yet on paper and didn't want to be delusional. Yet somehow an...
  4. Wrichik Basu

    Other Updating Resume for Graduate School Admissions in India: Adding Online Courses

    I am about to start applying to different graduate schools in my country (India) for pursuing a Masters in Physics. Unfortunately, very few Indian universities actually want a resume, and offer admission based on competitive exams only. Nevertheless, I am updating my resume and keeping it ready...
  5. M

    Admissions Grad School Admissions: Which do I Bother With?

    Hello! I am wondering which grad schools to apply to because I honestly don't understand the grad school admission process. It involves a lot more than undergrad admissions- now I need to apply for TA or research positions etc. Also, I have been told that the school choice is more important for...
  6. M

    Admissions Va Tech Admissions: Selective or Not?

    Moderator's note: thread split off from https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/university-search-for-a-physics-major.1008062/ To an old guy like me these admissions standards look strange. It said online that to get into virginia tech one must have at least a 4.04 GPA. In my day no one had...
  7. PhysPaig

    Admissions Feeling down, did I mess up my future?

    Hello everyone, I'm currently a physics undergraduate that just completed her second year of college. I love working physics problems and have always been passionate about going into physics research. My plan is to graduate and then go to a great/top grad school for my PhD that would allow me...
  8. E

    Admissions Perimeter Scholar International 2021 Admissions

    Hi, I applied for the PSI masters program, but haven't heard back from them at all. My application status still says "in review". Anyone else in the same situation? I'm expecting a rejection, especially since I haven't been interviewed. But having no closure and feedback in such a long time is...
  9. A

    Admissions Has anyone received an offer from the 2021 AFRL Scholars Program?

    I am a junior physics major, and I have applied to many summer programs this year. One of which is the AFRL Scholars program. I applied to Kirtland and Elgin. They said that offers will be extended through mid February to mid March. Did anyone apply to this program? If so, has anyone received...
  10. S

    Will a low ranked masters hurt my PhD admissions?

    My background in CS was weak in undergrad, but I went to a decent undergrad (within the top 30 UNSWR). I got into a master's program that is ranked between 65 and 85 in CS (wide range to keep anonymous, but that general tier). I like the program because they accepted me despite my weaker...
  11. EnnisMawas

    Admissions SULI DOE Summer 2021 Admissions

    Hi everyone, This thread is for people to post whether or not they received any offerings from SULI 2021 program. I am very anxious for this internship as I really want to get a position at Argonne Lab doing Condensed Matter Theory research or Quantum Computing research. I am a junior physics...
  12. U

    Admissions COVID-19 and Physics Graduate Admissions

    Several universities say that taking courses pass/no-pass or credit/no-credit during terms disrupted by COVID-19 will not necessarily harm those applying to their graduate program. There are also more open-ended invitations for applicants to discuss how the pandemic has impacted their lives. In...
  13. P

    Admissions Pass/Fail Last Semester and Grad School Opinion

    Hello everyone! So I've been accepted into a Physics Ph.D for Cosmology at UC Davis and I am waiting to hear back from A&M, Minnesota and 3 others where I am currently waitlisted: Hawaii, Ohio State and Illinois. My university, I believe, will offer its students a choice to either get a letter...
  14. Q

    What's the timeline for theoretical physics PhD admissions in the UK?

    If I haven't heard back as of yet, does that mean that I haven't been shortlisted? When are interviews usually held and when do people usually find out? My feeling is that if I haven't heard back from the universities as of yet, I haven't been shortlisted but I'm hoping someone more...
  15. cellist542

    Admissions Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Purdue, Stanford Admissions - How to stand out?

    I am currently a sophomore in high school and will have taken 7 science and 7 math courses (including AP Physics, AP Chem, AP Bio, AP Calc AB, AP Calc BC, AP Programming in Java, AP Statistics) by the time I graduate. I am on the cross country team, indoor and outdoor track teams, orchestra...
  16. preachingpirate24

    Admissions Chances of Getting into MIT as an International Student from India

    Hey! I'm a 11th grader right now, and I'm really interested in majoring in physics, and maybe engineering too. Now, I know that it's really hard to get into MIT, Harvard, Caltech, and all those really great institutes with amazing physics undergrad courses (The best in the world apparently...
  17. jtbell

    News US university admissions scandal

    Here's what pressure to get students into elite universities can lead to: cheating on SAT and ACT exams and even bribing university officials: Wealthy parents, actresses, coaches, among those charged in massive college cheating admission scandal, federal prosecutors say (CNN.com) Example:
  18. robphy

    Admissions Ph.D. admissions criteria as predictors? (Science Advances)

    Possibly interesting reading... This article ( https://www.inverse.com/article/52691-gre-scores-are-a-bad-predictor-of-phd-success ) alerted me to the article below. See also: https://phys.org/news/2019-01-gre-students-diversity.html http://advances.sciencemag.org/content/5/1/eaat7550...
  19. astroman707

    Admissions What’s the most important factor in graduate admissions?

    I want to get a poll going... When U.S graduate schools consider applicants for physics, what are the most important factors they consider in admissions? —RANK THEM— *Consider both theoretical and applied applicants.
  20. I

    Schools String theory school recommendation: UC Davis, UIUC or other

    I'm currently applying for grad schools in string theory with an interest in AdS/CFT but am open to fundamental formalisms in string theory. I was trying to decide on a few universities to apply to. I am currently considering University of California Davis and University of Illinois Urbana...
  21. N

    Admissions Mathematics PhD Admissions from BS in EE?

    Hey guys, Basically, my heart is set on studying mathematics at the doctoral level and I am trying to figure out what I need to do to get there/what tier of schools I realistically could be a competitive applicant for. I'm an Electrical Engineer from a state university that graduated with a...
  22. PhotonSSBM

    Admissions Hospitalization Withdrawals Effect on Admissions

    So I was hospitalized for some shenanigans with my brain wanting to kill me and had to withdraw late in the semester. 4 classes now have W's and I don't know how I could explain that to admission staff at grad school. Is it appropriate to put such things on personal essays or am I going to have...
  23. M

    Admissions Physics vs Engineering PhD Admissions?

    I was on the grad cafe looking at admission statistics. It looks like it is much more competitive to get into an engineering PhD program than it is a physics PhD program. Is this true? Most of the GPA's of people who got into the engineering PhD programs had a gpa in the mid to high 3's while...
  24. D

    Admissions GRE & Admissions: Does Quant Score Matter?

    I was just wondering how significant the quantitative gre score was in admission decisions. My score isn't awful (76th percentile) and my pgre is 850. Just curious.
  25. N

    Schools Need Help: Calc, GPA, and Grad School.

    Hello everyone. I'm currently a sophomore working toward a BS in physics (and a minor in astronomy) at a top private engineering school. With the semester finishing up, I'm a little worried about where I am now and where I will be after graduation and I have a few questions. A little...
  26. M

    Admissions Should Community Service Unrelated to My Graduate Program be Included on My CV?

    I have some community service experience but not very long in duration and is not related to my graduate direction (eg. I was tutoring Chinese for a semester). Should I still include it?
  27. M

    Admissions Gradschool App: Cover Letter Needed for CV?

    I am applying to PhD programs and CV is required (of course) but do I also need a covering letter?
  28. J

    Schools Grad school application advice

    My questions are regarding admissions at top universities in Europe. Many of them are of a rather general nature, I hope that is okay. I am from Austria (EU) and I currently studying for a BSc in Physics from the University of Vienna. I will graduate in July 2017 after three years of full time...
  29. PeanutButterPuffin

    Admissions Will a mediocre GRFP proposal hurt my Grad admission chances

    Hi All. I was pretty idiotic and waited until last minute to prepare my NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Proposal. In under 2-weeks time, I 'slapped together' my application, figuring that even if I didn't win, I would at least obtain valuable feedback. I just submitted it. The problem is, I am...
  30. Naytile

    Programs Materials PhD help: Low GRE score spooks physics major

    Hi. So, I took the general GRE the other day and did crappy on the Quant. This worries me. I'm applying to Materials Engineering PhD programs soon. I'd like to get some opinions of how deep of a ditch I've dug for grad school, or how much this retracts from the rest of my credentials. Do I stand...
  31. N

    Schools Graduate School Admissions for Astronomy Program

    Hi Everyone! I am a senior student going at a liberal arts college currently majoring in Physics. I am applying to graduate schools in Astronomy this fall semester. I would like to ask what are the odds of getting into the best astronomy programs with the following background: Major GPA: 4.00...
  32. O

    Admissions Strong GPA, Research, References--Bad GRE Score

    Here's my situation. I have a high GPA at a very well known university, three research internships (including an REU and SULI,) a senior thesis, a potential publication, and strong recommendation letters. My physics GRE score for the September test? 510. BEYOND terrible. I'm taking it again but...
  33. neosoul

    Programs Black physics major - grad admissions

    Hi, everyone. I really, really want to go to graduate school. My focus will be AMO and I'm aiming for a PhD. However, I've looked through a lot of forums to see how others fared when offers rolled around. I also use this as a way to set goals. The problem is: I can't find a lot of people like me...
  34. T

    Job Skills Weird Air Force admissions situation

    Anyone have any backup ideas/plans for me because it appears that my Air Force career goal isn't working out... as in they might not even bother to send me to MEPs because of an issue. Thanks!
  35. G

    Admissions Academic Appeal, you think they will give me another chance?

    I am .01 points away from the required gpa. Also if i have any grammatical and/or punctuation errors let me know!I am writing to appeal my academic dismissal from xxxxxxxx. I was upset to recently receive a letter informing me that I am subject to academic dismissal. I am ashamed to admit that...
  36. D

    Admissions Waterloo vs. Minnesota Duluth for physics M.Sc.

    I received acceptances from the University of Minnesota, Duluth (not Twin Cities) and the University of Waterloo for their physics M.Sc. programs. I am interested in string theory - not exactly sure about the subfield. At Duluth, there is only one professor working in string cosmology who I...
  37. I

    Admissions Asking for time to decide on an offer of acceptance

    I just received an offer of acceptance from a graduate program yesterday (May 17th). I think the offer letter is a little generic. It says that I should get back to them "ideally between April 15th and April 30th" - which is way past. I have another school which got back to me 10 days ago...
  38. N

    Admissions Program names and admissions considerations

    Hi everyone, some of you might laugh about what I am about to ask but I am about to start a masters in Quantum Science and Technology. Is this the equivalent to a Masters in Quantum Physics in the academia world? From a physicists stand point all the classes are about quantum mechanics and its...
  39. S

    Admissions How Competitive is Admissions to UCSB CCS Physics Program?

    Do many people apply? Is there something separate one must do beyond gaining acceptance into UCSB's general college? Lastly, what is it like studying there? Thanks!
  40. I

    Admissions Email professor 10 days after admissions interview?

    I had a skype interview with a professor in Canada for M.Sc. admissions. This was 10 days ago on April 20. The interview went okay. He said he would talk to the graduate coordinator, check my application and get back to me by the end of April. Monday, May 2nd would be the first working day after...
  41. O

    Admissions Chances that a rising senior can make it into nuclear physics PhD programs?

    Hi PhysicsForums, I was hoping to get a little guidance on my chances for PhD programs. I am a second-semester junior. I feel like I'm going at this totally blind and am starting to get nervous, I'd mostly like to know how strong my credentials are so far, what kind of GRE score I might need...
  42. I

    Schools Funded physics masters programs

    I was wondering if you guys know of any funded masters programs in physics - tuition waiver + stipend; or only stipend enough to cover tuition and modest living expenses. I am not too particular about the country but I am looking for programs where the norm is that the department funds all their...
  43. Victor Alencar

    Schools How much grad schools cares about GRE?

    I'm 3rd year undergraduate student at Brazil and I wish to apply for some USA universities,but I'm scared with GRE. I have good and knowed physicists for rec. letters, experience with research and good grades,what are my chances? I'm thinking in 4 uni : Stony Brook,Chicago,Cornell and Penn. Here...
  44. P

    Admissions Can You Get Admitted to a University Without Being Able to Afford It?

    Does the university ask you if you can afford studying there before you get admitted? In other words can you get admitted without being able to afford it? Does they ask you if you can afford the university after being admitted or before?
  45. D

    Admissions Inquiring admissions about graduate decisions

    Hi PF, I have applied to several graduate schools and heard back from all but 3, and it is getting pretty late in the game as far as my decision is concerned. That being said I want to know whether or not I have been accepted to these 3 schools ASAP in order to reach my final decision. So my...
  46. S

    Admissions Graduate Admissions and Supervisor Selection

    I am a final year undergrad and applied for graduate programs in various universities for Fall'16 admission. I recently got an admission offer from one of the programs. The admissions chair cc'd the offer email to potential supervisors I mentioned in my application. Here's the email from one of...
  47. I

    Uploading score reports of GRE and TOEFL

    During the application process for graduate schools, I have the option of uploading GRE and TOEFL score reports that I 'printed to pdf' from the website. The score reports also show the other schools I sent official score reports to. I was wondering if the admissions committee could use this...
  48. I

    Schools 770 PGRE : Send score to schools that say 'recommended'?

    I got a 770 (65%) on the PGRE. I am an international student with a US master's degree in engineering, with no quantum mechanics or electromagnetism courses on my transcripts. I was wondering if I should send PGRE scores to schools that say it's recommended. The schools I had in mind are Brown...
  49. I

    Indicator for international accepetance rate

    Is the ratio of tuition rates for international to domestic a good indicator of the relative difficulty for an international student to get admitted to a particular school compared to a domestic one, all other factors kept constant?
  50. W

    Programs 1st undergraduate degree affect admissions for 2nd?

    Hi, I'm a recent graduate from a civil engineering program in the US and got hired as a civilian nuclear engineer for the navy. For various reasons, I would sooner or later like to go back to school to study physics and go on to get a phd. I am afraid that already having an undergraduate degree...