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Grad school/career change after 5 years of working. Sanity check.

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    [Delete] Grad school/career change after 5 years of working. Sanity check.

    Edit: I guess I was just trying to convince myself, and I think I'm convinced.

    Will probably post specific questions later.
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    :rofl: Nice...so just by writing the question, you got your answer. Glad PF helped, in some capacity :smile:.
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    Yeah thanks PF :)

    Seriously though, reading some of the other posts put me into perspective. What I'm thinking of doing isn't that risky. Still young, no family responsibilities etc.
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    Heh, I'm not sure about that. Grad school sure seems risky to me. Investing six years of your life just so that you can compete with 2,000 other physicists for 300 tenure-track jobs seems like quite a risk (scary part: I did not pull those numbers out of my ***, they're real statistics from AIP). But hey, if you want to make a trade, I'll give you my spot in grad school for your job. :smile:
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    Yeah there is certainly risks involved. BTW I'm not considering graduate school in physics right now, even though I love it and planned to be a physicist before undergrad. For reasons I won't go into, I went into Comp Eng and am working as a software engineer instead for various reasons (this has caused me some grief, though I still teach myself higher physics). What I'm considering is nanotech/micro electromechanical systems, which falls under ECE. Whether I can get in though is another topic. One thing at a time.
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