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Graduate School Options After B.A in Math Education

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    I have a question about grad school prospectus after earning a B.A. in Mathematics (for prospective 5-12 teachers). The B.A. curriculum consists of Calculus I-III (standard three semester sequence), Linear Algebra, College Geometry, Abstract Algebra, Probability and Statistics I-II (two semester sequence), and Mathematical Modeling / Connections. Is there any possibilities of getting accepted into an applied/pure mathematics or applied statistics graduate program on those nine math courses alone? Or does a prospective grad student need a little more advanced math work to go that route? If more advanced undergrad work is needed, what sort of courses would one need to take as a non-degree seeking student? I’m not a math major, but I was thinking a two semester advanced calculus sequence and at least one more advanced math course.

    Any thoughts?

    Any ideas or thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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    bare minimum the 2 semester adv calc sequence and 1 more semester of abstract algebra
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    In all honesty it really depends on the school you plan on attending. ice109 is right on the bare minimums for most schools, but you'll undoubtedly need much more than that to get into any respectable program.

    At my university the requirements are the obvious calculus sequence, a semester of differential equations, a semester or linear algebra, a semester of abstract algebra, intro to number theory, intro to complex variables and a year of analysis.
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