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Homework Help: Graphing Histograms with # Bins (General Question)

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    If you're given a set of data and asked to plot the histogram with x amount of bins. How do you determine which range each bin covers?
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    I think that depends on what you're trying to show.

    Say you had data for a whole range of people from infants to centenarians.

    You could bin by:
    - every ten years
    - every 20 years

    or you could define age ranges:
    - infants 0-8 years
    - preteens 9-15
    - teens 16-21
    - yuppies 22-50,
    - baby boomers 51-64
    - seniors 65-80
    - centenarians 81-100+

    The binning choice is yours use it wisely to convey what you need to convey.
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    Thanks. The width of each bin should be the same right?
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    Ray Vickson

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    No, not necessarily. Look at the previous posting. Are the bin widths for teens the same as for yuppies or baby boomers?
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    Ah I see. I see. So I guess it's a subjective thing.

    I was given a problem with the following 10 data ptns:
    289.1 269.6 270.7 277.5 279 267.8 283.7 271 261.9 282.6

    I attached this problem.

    I was asked to "calculate and plot the histogram with 3 bins."
    I'm not sure what they mean by calculate. Think it's just an unnecessary word in the instructions.

    Anyway, I was given a template for the plot. On the x-axis the template they gave goes from 260-290 in increments of 5. So from common sense I would have my ranges as 260-270, 270-280, 290-300.

    If you're given a template with the maximum and minimum values, would it set the range as the (maximum-minimum)/# of bins?

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