What is Graphing: Definition and 495 Discussions

A graphing calculator (also graphics calculator or graphic display calculator) is a handheld computer that is capable of plotting graphs, solving simultaneous equations, and performing other tasks with variables. Most popular graphing calculators are also programmable and therefore considered to be programmable calculators, allowing the user to create customized programs, typically for scientific, engineering and education applications. Because they have large displays in comparison to standard four-operation handheld calculators, graphing calculators also typically display several lines of text and calculations at the same time.

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  1. T

    Graphing Elastic Potential Energy

    Good afternoon, I have a question on graphing this problem. There seems to be something weird going on. In Excel, I set up the potential energy function (kx²/2) and plotted it from x = -0.300m to 0.300m, which looks like the following: The overall shape of the graph looks like what's...
  2. guyvsdcsniper

    Graphing the Power dissipated in a resistor

    I am solving #5 in the attached image. So I am graphing the power dissipated by a series circuit which : (a) Contains a constant voltage source and a variable resistor, R (b) Contains a constant current source and a variable resistor. It makes sense to me to just use the power equation that...
  3. C

    Graphing a piecewise function (Python)

    I am trying to write a python script to plot the function, Where ##V_0 = 5~V## ##t_0 = 10~ms## ##\tau = 5~ms## My script that I have written to try to do this is, Which plots, However, the plot is meant to look like this with the horizontal line. Can someone please give me some guidance to...
  4. C

    Graphing Power vs Polarizer Angle using Intensity

    The data collected from the experiment is, The first column is the polarizer angle measured in degrees. The second column is recorded intensity measured in lux. The third column is the transmitted intensity measured in lux. This is equal to the recorded lux - ambient lux The fourth column is...
  5. C

    Graphing electric potential for two positive charges

    For part (a) of this problem, The solution is However, my solution is Am I correct? In the solutions that don't appear to plot the electric potential as units of ## \frac {k_eQ} {a} ## like I have which the problem statement said to do. Many thanks!
  6. DaveC426913

    Online graphing calculator for dosages?

    I've become fascinated with how repeat doses of medications affect the body's level of the drugs (see sample diagram). Is there some sort of online software grapher that takes params such as half-life and plots a graph? I guess this is exactly what Wolphram Alpha does isn't it? I tried it once...
  7. barryj

    Graph Sin(2x+6): Is Parent Function the Best Option?

    My question is when I start to graph sin (2x+6) I convert the expression to sin 2(x+3). My thinking that by doing so I can easily see the period is 2pi/2 and there is a horizontal translation of 3. Some books state that starting with sin(2x+6) the period is 2pi/2 , the same as above, and that...
  8. H

    B Looking for free graphing calculator for two-variable inequality

    I have a two-variable inequality and wish to make a graph of the regions in which it is satisfied. Is any such took available online for free? A great many free online graphing calculators are available, but I expect the great majority won't do what I want. Specifically I want to find the...
  9. patric44

    A problem in graphing electric field lines

    hi guys our instructor asked us to try to graph the projection of the electric field intensity at a certain point p(x,y) , for two charges q+-q located at (-a,0) , (a,0), Now starting with the equation $$\frac{dy}{dx} = \frac{E_{y}}{E_{x}}$$ after transforming this equation I got...
  10. J

    Standing waves (graphing) homework question

    Points A b AND C are shown in first diagram Im confused about question three... I feel like its related to wave length but the fractions are throwing me off.
  11. C

    Ohm's Law graphing inversed gradient value

    Hey all. This is about Ohm's Law (and specifically resistance). When you plot the change in current vs the change in voltage you should get a linear trend line (providing it is from an ohmic device). The gradient should be the resistance. My questions is why does the gradient value need to be...
  12. A

    TI-83+ Graphing Calculator giving wrong answer? (Complex numbers)

    I think the solution should be: METHOD #1: \begin{align} (\sqrt[4] {-1})^4 & = (-1)^{\frac 4 4} \nonumber \\ & = (-1)^1 \text{, can reduce 4/4 since base is a constant and not a variable in ℝ} \nonumber \\ & = -1 \nonumber \end{align} Alternatively, METHOD #2 for same answer is...
  13. P

    Help graphing Vectors in polar form

    The equation I'm trying to graph on desmos is this with A & B as numbers, but I'm unsure how as it is a vector. r = (A cosθ sinθ cscθ - B sinθ cscθ) i + (A cosθ sinθ cscθ + B sinθ cscθ) j
  14. M

    Graphing advanced functions

    So I attempted this problem and to satisfy the first condition (for t in the range of [1, 5]), I drew the straight line that has a slope of 5 (i.e. f(x)=5x). I just don't understand how I can have the same function with a different slope (average rate of change) for the interval [1,10] or for [2...
  15. mingyz0403

    Engineering Graphing Shear and Moment using singuarity function in Excel

    I had found the singuarity function for the shear and moment. I have a hard time calculating the singuarity function and graphing it using excel. Can anyone explain how to calculate singuarity function and graphing it using excel? Many thanks for your help
  16. Jalal_khan

    Graphing to find the intersections of lines and a parabola in this limit

    Hello, I am currently in my college holidays and I have decided to do some maths to improve. My weakness is graphing and I am hoping to get some help or the solution on this question. Question: Let P(k,k^2) be a point on the parabola y=x^2 with k>0. Let O denote the origin. Let A(0, a)denote...
  17. srfriggen

    B Graphing arccosine: What if we use different domains?

    Hello, I'm a teacher and will be doing a lesson on "Graphing the inverse cosine function." In the lesson, I show the students a cosine function graphed from 0 to 360 degrees ( I use degrees to really drive home the point that this is a mapping between two different sets, namely angles and...
  18. Sabertooth

    Transforming Y-axis table values into a separate formula?

    Hey everyone, I have generated a nice little velocity vs time graph that I would love if somebody could help me put to use. I have marked data points on the x-axis for the Y-value for every second on the function. Just to be clear: X-axis = time in seconds & Y-axis = velocity in meters/second...
  19. S

    Question about asymptotes of rational function

    I tried graphing the function in the calculator, and the graph seems to have a horizontal asymptote at y=0, not at y=1. Why is this so? Thanks for helping out.
  20. C

    Graphing a spring mass collision with a wall

    Hi, I'm looking for help making a graph/model for evaluating the "bounce" of a mass behind a spring that collides with a wall. The setup would include one simple spring mass system that is attached to a wall, and another wall which is closer to the mass than the spring's free length. The mass is...
  21. karush

    MHB 3.2.15 mvt - Mean value theorem: graphing the secant and tangent lines

    $\tiny{3.2.15}$ Find the number c that satisfies the conclusion of the Mean Value Theorem on the given interval. Graph the function the secant line through the endpoints, and the tangent line at $(c,f(c))$. $f(x)=\sqrt{x} \quad [0,4]$ Are the secant line and the tangent line parallel...
  22. naushaan

    Graphing f(x)=√x but shifted 2 units to the left and then reflected

    I drew the graph for f(x)=√x, and then shifted it 2 units to the right. I then drew another graph to reflect it from both x and y axis. Not sure if this is correct though? I'm also quite stuck on trying to write the equation for this final graph. I think the equation after shifting and...
  23. Witcher

    Graphing on a TI-84PlusCE

    What goes here?
  24. L

    Graphing θ=π/4 on a Polar Coordinate System

    When you graph something like ##θ=\frac{π}{4}## on a Polar Coordinate System: Why does the line go into the opposite quadrant as well? I can intuitively understand why it is in the first quadrant: ##θ = 45°## there and so all possible values of ##r## would apply there, giving you a straight line...
  25. paulmdrdo

    Engineering Graphing the response of an underdamped circuit

    I'm having difficulty as to how I would produce an approximately graph of the response just by hand. I was able to determine the first maximum by taking the derivative of the response and setting to zero and I'm stuck. How do I know the succeding minimum and maximum of this response? TIA.
  26. Abhishek11235

    A Graphing Lie Derivative

    I am relatively new to differential geometry. I am studying it from Fecko Textbook on differential geometry. As soon as he introduces the concept of lie derivative,he asks to do exercise 4.2.2 in picture. The question is,how do I apply ##\phi^*## to given function ##\psi## . I know that...
  27. YoungPhysicist

    B A primitive function graphing tool

    Recently I found this online: https://www.html5canvastutorials.com/labs/html5-canvas-graphing-an-equation/ It is a html page using the <canvas> element and it can graph functions. Although much better versions of this is already everywhere(like desmos), it should still be useful considering...
  28. Arman777

    Python Graphing a cos function

    r = np.arange(0,400,0.1) t = np.cos(r)+10 plt.plot(r,t) How can I use the range of the cos function to look like this
  29. DracoMalfoy

    Measurement and Graphing. Dependence of a Pendulum on length

    For the experiment, we were to determine the relationship between two quantities through linearization after collecting measurements. To verify that P~L^1/2. and determine proportionality constant, C. P=C√L/g= (Cg^-1/2)(L^1/2) Materials used were a timer, string(The pendulum on length), and a...
  30. JessiLim

    Static and Kinetic Friction vs Normal Reaction Graphing

    How do i suppose to determine the uncertainty for the slope of my Static friction against normal reaction graph? My data for static friction and normal force has the uncertainty of +/- 0.0001 The uncertainty is too small for me to draw airbox/bar in the graph to draw the max and min slope...
  31. C

    MHB Trig Graphing Questions: Given graph find the function

    How do I solve these? https://imgur.com/a/NvzxFcS
  32. M

    Graphing Calculators vs. Smartphones

    I was wondering about to buy a graphing/scientific calculator but I have some hesitations. Should I really buy one to make math study better or would buying a smartphone be a better choice? I have an win 8.1 smartphone with 512 mb ram and 4.5-inch screen. Would it be a better choice to buy a...
  33. F

    B Basic Graphing Rules: Learn How to Graph Properly

    it’s been a while since I’ve learned basic graphing in math. I feel like whenever I graph something, it’s sloppy and probably doesn’t follow the proper conventions. So what are the basics of graphing? You draw a line with arrows on each end for each axis. Should the axis always be labeled? Do...
  34. opus

    Graphing sinusoidal tangent functions

    Homework Statement Graph ##y=tan\left(x-\frac {π}{4}\right)## Homework Equations N/A The Attempt at a Solution To graph a tangent function, I first find the vertical asymptotes to set the boundaries for the graph: To do so, set what's inside the parentheses equal to ##\frac π 2## and ##-\frac...
  35. karush

    MHB Why is the point not on the endpoint of the line when graphing with Desmos?

    ok why is the point not on the endpoint of the line?
  36. Hi Im Paul

    Graphing Data in Excel: Error Bar Confusion

    I'm currently writing a paper over an experiment I did for class and I have a very stupid question over I need clarification on before I continue. I am using excel to graph out data, and I have determined that the error in my Length is .001 m. However, I am graphing the inverse of length to...
  37. S

    I Help please with biocalculus question involving differentiation

    Hi, I was just wondering how one would arrive at the answers to these questions. I have the solution for parts a and b, but not for part c. Suppose that antibiotics are injected into a patient to treat a sinus infection. The antibiotics circulate in the blood, slowly diffusing into the sinus...
  38. C

    MATLAB Graphing Matlab Heat Transfer | T_0 Variable

    I'm working with heat transfer and need to graph theoretical results. I've tried several things and it will either throw something along the lines of "no explicit solution found" or just hang forever. I'm not new to programming, but I am new to the Matlab library. The only variable is T(t). T_0...
  39. S

    I Should I get a new graphing calculator?

    So I have a TI-84 Plus Silver edition that I've had for 10 years. It's kind of beat up but it works perfectly fine. I know the model has been discontinued in favor of a newer one, and I've already encountered a feature it lacks due to its age (it was something in an introductory stats course, I...
  40. I

    Not sure how to solve this problem without graphing

    Homework Statement Find the solution(s) when: 4+x = 4(2)^x Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I only know how to solve this problem using graphing. I'm not sure how to do it algebraically. Please help.
  41. N

    I Graphing a strange equation

    Hello Forum, I've gone about graphing the below equation by inserting values in for y and then solving for x: y(x-1)=x2-1 For instance, I say y=3 and then solve: 3(x-1)=x2-1 3x-3=x2-1 3x=x2-1+3 3x=x2+2 0=x2-3x+2 0=(x-1)(x-2) Thus x = 1 and 2 and so I plot co-ordinates (1,3)...
  42. M

    B Graphing an equation by hand

    I would like to sketch the graph of equation a*b^0.3=constant for a and b are positive real numbers. How do I start? Which one should be as y-axis, and which one be x-axis. This only affects the shape of the graph. The confusing part for me is that should I use b itself or b^03 as an axis...
  43. D

    Graphing data from the Compton effect

    Homework Statement Not sure whether I should be posting this here or in the quantum physics thread but I felt this more of a 'homework' question. So basically I have done an experiment in which I measure the energy of light that has been scattered through a steel rod from a radioactive...
  44. grandpa2390

    Graphing the Gibbs free energy of mixed gases

    Homework Statement I am needing to graph the Gibbs free energy of mixed gases to determine the range when the gases will form an ideal mixture The two gases have the same Gibbs free energy. Homework Equations ##G = (1-X)G_A + XG_B## for unmixed ##G = (1-X)G_A + (X)G_B + RT(x*ln(x) +...
  45. ThunderLight

    I A Function for multiple 2D Gaussians

    I'm trying to put together a function that sums multiple 2D Gaussian functions in one graph (i.e.; multiple Gaussian pyramids). So far from my research, I formed the following function definition: I'm not sure if my research led me to the correct way of forming the function. Is this how...
  46. AsadaShino92

    Potential energy graphing

    Homework Statement The potential energy V(R) of a two particle system exhibiting oscillatory behavior near a local minimum at the equilibrium separation Ro. V(R)= -(A/R)+(B/R^2) , where R is the interparticle separation. A) Sketch V(R), what happens to V(R) as R→0 B) At what value of R is...
  47. C

    Graphing a function under a complex mapping

    Homework Statement Illustrate the mapping of f(z)=z+\frac{1}{z} for a parametric line. The Attempt at a Solution the equation for a parametric line is z(t)=z_0(1-t)+z_1(t) so I plug z(t) in for z in f(z), but I don't get an obvious expression on how to graph it, I tried manipulating it...
  48. SuchBants

    Problem graphing Irradiance and distance experiment

    Homework Statement Used a solar cell and a ray box, altering the distance from the solar cell to the light source in 10cm increments. Did the usual high school experimental controls and repeats. Assuming that the voltage is proportional to the irradiance, I am meant to graph the results...
  49. D

    MHB Graphing Trig Function: Amplitude 4, Period (2\pi/3), Range [-4,4]

    I need some help graphing this trig function. f(x)=4sin(3x-2) When Graphing, the points should be over 2 periods and 9 points. I have: -Amplitude: 4 -Period=(2\pi/3) -Range=[-4,4] I need help on: -Graphing the points over 2 periods and 9 periods (parent function and f(x)) -Table of 9...