Graphing Definition and 11 Discussions

A graphing calculator (also graphics calculator or graphic display calculator) is a handheld computer that is capable of plotting graphs, solving simultaneous equations, and performing other tasks with variables. Most popular graphing calculators are also programmable and therefore considered to be programmable calculators, allowing the user to create customized programs, typically for scientific, engineering and education applications. Because they have large displays in comparison to standard four-operation handheld calculators, graphing calculators also typically display several lines of text and calculations at the same time.

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  1. C

    Ohm's Law graphing inversed gradient value

    Hey all. This is about Ohm's Law (and specifically resistance). When you plot the change in current vs the change in voltage you should get a linear trend line (providing it is from an ohmic device). The gradient should be the resistance. My questions is why does the gradient value need to be...
  2. Sabertooth

    Transforming Y-axis table values into a separate formula?

    Hey everyone, I have generated a nice little velocity vs time graph that I would love if somebody could help me put to use. I have marked data points on the x-axis for the Y-value for every second on the function. Just to be clear: X-axis = time in seconds & Y-axis = velocity in meters/second...
  3. S

    Question about asymptotes of rational function

    I tried graphing the function in the calculator, and the graph seems to have a horizontal asymptote at y=0, not at y=1. Why is this so? Thanks for helping out.
  4. S

    I Help please with biocalculus question involving differentiation

    Hi, I was just wondering how one would arrive at the answers to these questions. I have the solution for parts a and b, but not for part c. Suppose that antibiotics are injected into a patient to treat a sinus infection. The antibiotics circulate in the blood, slowly diffusing into the sinus...
  5. N

    I Graphing a strange equation

    Hello Forum, I've gone about graphing the below equation by inserting values in for y and then solving for x: y(x-1)=x2-1 For instance, I say y=3 and then solve: 3(x-1)=x2-1 3x-3=x2-1 3x=x2-1+3 3x=x2+2 0=x2-3x+2 0=(x-1)(x-2) Thus x = 1 and 2 and so I plot co-ordinates (1,3)...
  6. ThunderLight

    I A Function for multiple 2D Gaussians

    I'm trying to put together a function that sums multiple 2D Gaussian functions in one graph (i.e.; multiple Gaussian pyramids). So far from my research, I formed the following function definition: I'm not sure if my research led me to the correct way of forming the function. Is this how...
  7. AsadaShino92

    Potential energy graphing

    Homework Statement The potential energy V(R) of a two particle system exhibiting oscillatory behavior near a local minimum at the equilibrium separation Ro. V(R)= -(A/R)+(B/R^2) , where R is the interparticle separation. A) Sketch V(R), what happens to V(R) as R→0 B) At what value of R is...
  8. SuchBants

    Problem graphing Irradiance and distance experiment

    Homework Statement Used a solar cell and a ray box, altering the distance from the solar cell to the light source in 10cm increments. Did the usual high school experimental controls and repeats. Assuming that the voltage is proportional to the irradiance, I am meant to graph the results...
  9. Mathamans

    Using what I've learned in the classroom for Graphical Data

    I'm a first-year undergraduate student in mathematics and physics. In my Chemistry Lab class we've recently completed a graphical representation of data assignment and it was interesting. My question is, what can I do in regards to mathematics and physics, or something interesting in general...
  10. 24forChromium

    Plotting graphs in three dimension

    I have function1: x = n(cos((pi/2)-2pi/n)) and function2: y = n(sin((pi/2)-2pi/n)) my goal is to plot a graph where for the same value of n, the x and y are respectively the horizontal and vertical component of the point, this graph should preferably possible to create on a computer or a...
  11. ElegantSir

    Physics - Graphing

    Homework Statement "Darryl drives his load of tomatoes 14.0 km [E], 6.0 km [N], 12.0 km [ N 15° E], and then 2.0 km [N 65° E]. This takes him 42 minutes." Question: Draw a graph representing Darryl's movement Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I posted my 'solution' in the...