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Gravitational pull of a black hole

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    Hi, doesn't the gravity of a black hole remain relatively the same? It should because gravitational attraction depends on mass, which stays the same. And if it does, is it posible for a planet to orbit the BH.? (without light, of course)
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    Well the first exoplanet ever discovered orbited a pulsar:
    PSR B1257+12 is a neutron star with a strong magnetic field that spins so rapidly that it “pulses”. The density of a neutron star is very close to being a black hole and if it accreted mass from a neighbor it would become a black hole. So, yes, a planet could orbit a black hole.
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    The question isn't really whether or not planets could orbit a BH, but rather, if they could form in a stellar system that will eventually contain a BH. The evidence of exoplanets around pulsars puts at least a lower bound on the stellar mass which will form planetary systems. Since the mass of a star that will form a black hole is just a tad bit higher, it seems likely that these stars could have planetary systems.
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