What is Pull: Definition and 326 Discussions

The business terms push and pull originated in logistics and supply chain management, but are also widely used in marketing and in the hotel distribution business.
Walmart is an example of a company that uses the push vs. pull strategy.

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  1. K

    I Force required to pull a cruise liner or cargo ship

    I was wondering how much force is required to pull the Cargo ship using a Kite as shown in below image and specifications given in table? This picture is taken from a seawing aka airseas website. I do not know the water / air / skin resistance values or coefficients for the cargo. All I know...
  2. rstor

    Two workers pull horizontally on a heavy box

    My solution for finding the direction of the smaller pull is slightly off from the text solution. I am unsure why. Assuming the larger vector is ##\vec B##, the smaller ##\vec A##, and the resultant ##\vec C##. My solution for the direction of this smaller pull (for the smaller pull in quadrant...
  3. AK93

    Required force to hold or pull inclined object downwards.

    Can somebody help me to solve this problem and guide? I need to calculate minimum force (F) (Newtons or kilograms) is required to pull down object (K1) to (K2), or to hold it in position. Angle between (K1) and (K2) = 50 degrees. Using mounting points (P1) and (P2). (K1) mass = 3.5 ton, (A)...
  4. L

    B Calculating Force on an Iron Object with Magnetic Field

    I have a scenario where I would like to calculate the electronics needed to create a force (pull on) an iron object. The set up is a coil (solenoid) with a steel (iron) object. I use Maxwell's equation (Ampere's law) to estimate the magnetic field B of the solenoid. My question is, how to...
  5. S

    How to find the angle where the required pull is minimum?

    Can I get some help on how I'd do that? I would parametrize the angle in the equation of where T = 188N and then take the derivative. And then, what should I do then? it's not T' = 0 and I didn't have maxima minima vals in calc so yeah. Thanks in advance.
  6. fascinated

    I Calculating Force Needed to Pull Bungee Taught

    Summary:: How would I calculate the necessary force? Let's take an example where the bungee is 1000 feet long and weighs 9 pounds. How much force would be needed to pull it taught across a horizontal plane? Thanks for any help.
  7. Ambience

    Would 2x 5.5" Fans attached to Wye Duct pull efficiently?

    Hello everyone. I'm an idiot and have a question.I want to do something like this: I want to use 2 computer fans (140mm/5.5" and rated @ 82 CFM each) attached to a wye connector to exhaust air. Can it be used in this nature? Usually it's one big fan exhausting from multiple areas. This probably...
  8. Rikudo

    The work that is necessary to pull a hanging chain

    This is the solution from my textbook, and I have some questions about the method The mass of hanging chain : $$m_h =\frac m 5$$ the center of mass of the hanging chain : $$h_1 = - \frac{1} {2} \cdot \frac L 5 = - \frac L {10}$$ (the minus sign here means that it is under the table surface)...
  9. Paige_Turner

    B Why Does Mass Pull on Other Stuff?

    Why doesn't it repel things... or just pass through and leave distance unchanged?
  10. Johann0101

    Gravity's Pull: How Far is the Proton Above the Electron?

    An electron is held up against the force of gravity by attraction of a fixed proton some distance above it. How far above the electron is the proton?
  11. C

    What speed v(t) enables constant power by solenoid pull?

    Assuming the position x = 0 if no air gap, max stroke of plunger is L. Bordery conditions: x(t=0) = L, x(t=T)= 0. Given magnetic force F(x) = kx(t)^-2, here k is constant. If uncontrolled, there is big crash noise afer solenoid actuated, so I wish it pull plunger at constant power. Help me find...
  12. P

    If I pull a pulley, what is the tension in the string around it?

    I assumed that each of the masses attached to the string would be pulled with a force F, instead of F/2, which appears to be the correct value. Why is it F/2? I suspect the fact that the pulley is "weightless" has something to do with the F/2 value. What is it? Thank you.
  13. kolleamm

    How do pull up and pull down resistors remove electrical noise?

    I’m doing a project with my Arduino, and I’ve seen some tutorials on YouTube explaining how to use pull up or pull down resistors to make the input values on the board reliable, basically either a 0 or a 1 without any random changes from other em sources. The only thing is I still don’t...
  14. T

    Why do AC motors pull high amps when they go bad?

    I used to work in HVAC. There are three main types of alternating current (AC) motors in residential air-conditioners and heat pumps: outdoor fan motors, compressors, and indoor blower motors. All three types of AC motors have the maximum number of amps stated on the nameplates of the units...
  15. studentgrade12

    Using a rope to pull a box across a floor (problem with friction)

    I have been trying a couple of problems with forces and i am not getting the answer, I don't understand what i am doing wrong. Can someone please guide me through this question
  16. W

    B Why does Jupiter have a stronger gravitational pull than Earth?

    Objects fall on Earth at 9.8 m/sec² independent of mass. If gravity is independent of mass why does Jupiter pull an object more than the Earth does? Is that inconsistency within the law or in my perception?
  17. E

    Engine explodes out of tractor pull semi truck

    A diesel engine explodes and literally shoots out of a tractor pulling truck. Apparently this type of thing is fairly common in the sport of tractor pulling, but it's much more common for the engine to simply explode.
  18. P

    Drum rotation, lateral loads and point of pull

    I farm and have built water control devices for my rice operation that use a cable and drum setup. The moving part is a 24"water tight rotary union that we rotate with a cable that originates in a dual spool winch above the center line of rotation for the drum. The winch cables secure to the...
  19. F

    What causes an AC motor to pull locked rotor amps?

    When an alternating current motor first turns on, what causes an alternating current motor to pull locked rotor amps for approximately one second after first turning on as opposed to just pulling the same amount of amps the entire time? What causes the amperage on an AC motor to drop after...
  20. B

    I How many Gs can a person pull during a punch

    I want to make a device that can actually measure the force in a person's punch or kick. So I am going to buy an Accelerometer but I need to know how many Gs should I get it for ? would a9G one work or should I get a 50 G one? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MRPKDV9/?tag=pfamazon01-20 or...
  21. N

    Formula to calculate the pull force between a magnet and a steel plate

    i have a neobydium magnet of grade n40 , the diameter of magnet is 15mm and thickness is 10 mm , now i want to calculate the pull force between this magnet and a steel plate when there is no gap between them ; & in second case i want to calculate the pull force when i put a 0.15mm copper plate...
  22. R

    Electronics Can I pull a network cable from the middle of the run?

    I need to run about 70 ft of ethernet cable through my basement, which is actually two separate unconnected spaces ( there is a small gap above the dividing wall). Because of the layout -- bends and very limited space -- it will be much easier to start near the middle and pull toward each end...
  23. JuniorAlcala

    B Black hole gravitational pull

    Do all black holes have the same gravitational pull yes or no, and if not, is it possible that if space and time bends on itself and connects two black holes that the one with the strongest pull will continue as a black hole and the weakest will turn into a white hole considering the amount of...
  24. A

    Shelving Pull Out Force Question

    Hi Guys, I have been trying to figure out how to work out a pull out force load for a shelving issue I have. I have put together a rough sketch of what I have: I have 2 uprights sitting on the floor via adjustable feet and fixed to the wall at 1200mm and 2400mm. There are 5 shelves equally...
  25. Akita

    Force required to pull a roofing nail out of decking

    Homework Statement Roofing coil nailer drives with 430 in lb into plywood,decking 1.5" nail How much force do i need to pull the nail out ,i don't know what else holds nail in place other than friction ELI5 ,im as uneducated as it comes. :D Homework Equations i don't know any The Attempt at a...
  26. Muhammad Usman

    Pull Up resistor in the Voltage?

    Hi, May be this is the most basic question, but I don't understand the concept of pull up resistor and how they maintain the voltage value. For example let's take an example of below circuit. There is 5 volts battery and then there is 10K resistor which is further connected with the Vout which...
  27. J

    Finding minimum force to pull the napkin out from under the tea cup

    Homework Statement There is a table, and a napkin on it. The napkin has a mass mn=71.6 g. On the napkin, there is a tea cup with mass mc=104.6 g. What is the minimum force required for someone to pull the napkin out from under the tea cup? Assume that between the table and the napkin the...
  28. J

    Calculating Max Pull for M30x2mm Threads on Chrome Rod

    Hi, I'm machining threads on to the ends of chrome rod for use in hydraulic rams. I have a ram which will see a maximum retracting load of 10 ton (98.1kN). For this I'm considering a thread of M30x2mm pitch. The chrome rod we use has a tensile strength of 550 n/mm2 with a yielding of 420 n/mm2...
  29. M

    How Can I Ensure My Torsion Spring Is Strong Enough for the Load?

    Hi guys, I am working on design where I am using a torsion spring to hold a certain load. How can I calculate if the spring I am designing is strong enough to hold the load and prevent it from slipping down? This is music wire 2mm diam spring, 90deg travel, 60mm legs. Please let me know if I...
  30. A

    Which is harder to pull apart, a circle or a triangle?

    In deciding which shape of ring I should use to secure an anchor to an anchor trolley I came across two choices, a circular ring or a triangular ring. While either will surely work, I began to wonder which would be more difficult to pull apart. Most of the information I found is about forces...
  31. R

    B Threshold of gravitational pull over dark energy

    I’m only an interested layman and my math is pretty basic so please excuse my lack expertise in this subject but I was wondering how to calculate the threshold distance an object of mass m would have to be to a system of mass M to overcome the effects of dark energy and not be receding?
  32. K

    Find the force as a function of radius to pull a ribbon

    Homework Statement A disc is free to rotate about an axis passing through its center and perpendicular to its plane. The moment of inertia of the disc about its center is I. A light ribbon is tightly wrapped over it in multiple layers. The end of the ribbon is pulled out at a constant velocity...
  33. M

    Finding Magnetic Moment from Pull Force

    For an undergraduate project, I need a magnet with a magnetic dipole strength of 0.3 A*m^2. However, all distributors I can find only list their magnets in terms of "pull force" which appears to be defined as the force between a magnet and a steel plate. How do I find a magnet with the dipole I...
  34. A

    B How Much Force to Draw a 16-Pound Recurve Bow 1 Meter?

    Hey everyone, A question- How can I work out the force needed to pull a 16-pound recurve bow 1 meter? Thank you all in advance
  35. hyunxu

    B Black hole gravitational pull questions

    I hear people say that even light cannot escape from black hole.So how big is this black hole?Why gravitational pull is very high? Does it have any escape velocity like Earth have?
  36. L

    Kinetic Energy & Work Problem -- Tractor Pull Competition

    Homework Statement Homework Equations W = ΔKE W = KEf-KEi The Attempt at a Solution W = .5mvf2 -.5mvi2 I know that final KE for A is 4 times the KE of B because for A ... KEf = 1/2 m (2v)^2 4KE = 1/2 m v ^2 for A I don't know what initial KE for both of them are... so how do i know if that...
  37. R

    Flap Valve Opening - Rope Tension and Anchor Pull Out Force

    Hi everyone, I have attached a sketch which may help understand the question I have. I have a hinged flap which hangs vertically (hinge at top). The flap weight is 10kN and it is 1.8m tall (uniform mass). At the bottom of the flap is a lifting eye. 2.5m away and 0.3m above height of the hinge...
  38. A

    Studying How to pull myself together when facing disease, burnout, depression and more?

    Sorry for being annoying, but I am a student of physics for a month now. I started really well by setting up super good work habbits but all was ruined in a day when I was arguing with my parents about my treatment for my desiese. Since then everything has been hell, I fell behind bad, I am...
  39. B

    Tensile strength and pull out force of a bolt

    Hi, I'm looking for some help regarding working out the tensile strength of a M8, grade 8.8 bolt and the pull out force. What information do I need to gather regarding the bolt and the material the bolt is engaging in to? Thanks,
  40. J

    Can aerodynamic downforce from a standard car cause lateral pull in others?

    I have a friend who argues that her car creates enough downforce to cause other cars to veer towards it as they pass. I can understand cars behind it being affected, but I can't imagine 4 door car creating a force similar to that felt while driving alongside a semi truck. For what it's worth...
  41. V

    Calculating Force to Pull a Rope Using Impulse Momentum Theorem

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Suppose length of upper portion is ##x## and that of lower portion is ##L-x## . In time ##dt## , ##dm## mass of rope starts moving abruptly with speed ##v## . The kinetic friction acting on the upper part of the rope is ##f =...
  42. X

    Optimal Technique for Opening Windows on a Moving Bus: Push or Pull?

    So if in an ordinary bus, is it easier to open a window by pushing it upward while seated or by pulling it upward while standing? Question came up in our exams today. I answered while seated. Not quite sure though.
  43. N

    Confusion about work performed by a horizontal push or pull

    Hello, Over the past couple of weeks I have been working my way through the basics of physics on my own. I've just arrived at work and energy and there is one thing that confuses me a little bit. Let's say I have a 25kg box on a sidewalk. I go to push it and I ultimately push it 5m east (lets...
  44. P

    Calculating Belt Pull, Drum Torque, Motor Power & Speed

    Homework Statement Calculate the Belt pull, drum torque, motor power and speed required to drive a flat top belt given the following information: Belt centres are 4.0m Required speed is 18m/min Drum diameter is 300mm Belt mass is 3.0kg/m Belt is fully loaded with 32kg boxes 0.8m long Belt...
  45. F

    I Prediction of GR for the gravitational pull

    It is said that GR in the weak field limit it produces Newtons familiar law, so why can't GR produce other formulas for "strong field" which I guess it means at short distances.
  46. J

    Can a magnet have more push force than it weighs?

    Simple question. Can a magnet have more push force than the magnet itself weighs. Example: A magnet weighing 2kg having a push force equal to 3kg.
  47. E

    Does the rotation speed of a planet affect its gravitational pull

    For example let's a satellite was orbiting the moon which has no atmosphere. If the moon suddenly started spinning twice as fast would it effect the satellite's orbit even though the satellite is separated by the vacuum of space from the moon? Easier way to put it, if the Earth suddenly spun...
  48. ChrisVer

    A Looking for help with pull plots

    I don't know if this should go to guidance or statistics or if it's ok here... I am actually looking for literature [or papers] that can help me build some intuition about fittings and generally constraints or pulls from nuisance parameters. I feel kind of weak when it comes to understanding...
  49. O

    Surface Tension and force required to pull a thin ring

    Hi everyone, While studying surface tension I came across a(numerical example) problem which asks to find the force required to pull a circular glass plate of some given radius from the surface of water(assume plane of plate on water surface). Value of surface tension of water is also given in...