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  1. gaaah

    B The granularity of space-time curvature

    I wonder if someone would field a beginner's muse I had: If gravity is just an illusion of the curvature of space caused by mass, does not the matter within that space follow the curve? and what is the granularity of that curvature? Does the curvature exist in the space between the nucleus and...
  2. M

    I What are the equations of mass distorting space-time?

    It is often said that gravity is a curvature of space-time and not a force. But since gravity is caused by mass, there must be some way in which mass curves space-time. What are the equations for how mass affect space-time?
  3. ProfuselyQuarky

    B General Relativity and Gravity?

    We recently touched base with gravity in regards to general relativity and I'm a bit perplexed. So apparently (and correct me if I'm wrong) gravity is created when the mass of the universe warps, or bends, space-time. I've read all those analogies about a trampoline curving due to an object of...
  4. S

    Inverse curvature of space-time

    Assuming that my understanding is correct, I believe it was Einstein who proposed that gravity is the result of the warping or curving of space-time. My question is this: if gravity, which is solely attractive in nature, is the result of warped or curved space time, then is it possible for the...
  5. T

    A photon and its speed

    A photon traveling from its source at light speed is said to not experience time and therefore be everywhere at once. Well not exactly, it can only be everywhere at once along its projected path assuming the photon's path in a vacuum is not altered by anything. Time itself cannot alter the...
  6. T

    Light and quantum tunneling

    Could a photon utilize quantum tunneling to escape the threshold of a black hole or the confines of the curvature of space-time? Could any particle for that matter?