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GridMathematica for parallel computing of cellular automata models

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    I'm interessed in using GridMathematica for parallel computing of cellular automata models. I know using mathematica so the syntax shouldn't be a problem. however, I wonder if there's here someone who has worked with it since I would like to know if the program is worth the cost etc.


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    Re: GridMathematica

    I didn't use GridMathematica, but I did use the ParallelComputingToolkit for my dissertation research. It was definitely worth it (especially since my advisor paid :smile:), but I can't really compare it with GridMathematica. With the toolkit the hardest part was actually getting around the local firewall, not the computation itself. The local security policies required me to go around and manually start the Mathematica kernel on each computer. But once I did that the computation ran smoothly. I did over one weekend what would have taken more than a month on a single computer.
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