Grouping Molecules: Urea, Thiourea, Ethanol, etc.

In summary, Urea and thiourea are organic compounds with similar chemical structures, while ethanol is an alcohol. They are grouped together based on their functional groups and polar nature. These molecules have various properties such as solubility, melting and boiling points, and are used in industries such as agriculture, production, and fuel. However, they can also be harmful if not handled and disposed of properly.
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Homework Statement

How would these substances be grouped into families of molecules?

1. Urea
2. Thiourea
3. ethanol
4. ethylene glycol
5. glycerol
6. dextrose
7. saccharose
8. Bi-Distilled Water
9. Triton X-100 ( a detergent)

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such as: acids, bases, alcohols…im not sure...
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Are you sure they're not asking for family as in, protein, lipid, amino acid, etc etc?

1. What are the chemical structures of urea, thiourea, ethanol, and other similar molecules?

Urea and thiourea are both organic compounds that contain a carbonyl group and amine groups. Urea has the chemical formula CO(NH2)2, while thiourea has the formula CS(NH2)2. Ethanol, on the other hand, is an alcohol with the chemical formula CH3CH2OH.

2. How are these molecules grouped together?

Urea, thiourea, and ethanol are all grouped together as small organic molecules that contain functional groups such as carbonyl and amine groups. They are also considered to be polar molecules due to the presence of these functional groups.

3. What are the properties of these molecules?

Urea and thiourea are both water-soluble and have high melting and boiling points due to the presence of hydrogen bonding. Ethanol is also water-soluble but has a lower melting and boiling point compared to urea and thiourea. It is also flammable and has a characteristic odor.

4. How are these molecules used in various industries?

Urea is primarily used as a nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture, while thiourea has applications in the production of synthetic resins and dyes. Ethanol is commonly used as a solvent, fuel, and in the production of alcoholic beverages.

5. Are there any health or environmental concerns related to these molecules?

Urea, thiourea, and ethanol are generally considered safe for use in their intended applications. However, high concentrations of these molecules can be harmful if ingested or inhaled. Ethanol can also contribute to air pollution when used as a fuel. Proper handling and disposal of these molecules are important to minimize any potential health or environmental risks.

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