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Medical Gut feelings: How the microbiome may affect mental illness

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    I suffer with bipolar , how would this help me?


    All of us who have experienced a 'nervous stomach' under periods of stress suspect that there is a link between our gut and our mood. Now researchers have received strong scientific support for exactly this link.
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    I have read (sorry, no citations so you have to take this as anecdotal but I believe it is firmly established) that there is a demonstrable link between tooth decay microbes and depression, so it doesn't seem odd to me that an imbalance in your stomach chemistry would cause mood issues.
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    Probiotic sites give "evidence" for more of a link, but the scientific research on this only recently being accepted as a pursuit.

    Wiki has a write-up for probiotics, with the warning for consumers,
    With trillions of micro-flora on or within our bodies, it is a worthwhile investigation.
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