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Gutenberg effect - who know about it?

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    I ve read in inmemorized source that there is existence of an effect so called Gutenberg effect. I draw major things of it here and ask all of you: who ever read that? Is it true or not?
    1- Gutenberg effect: a Swedish engineer discovered this effect when he supply a DC power of 3V (to AAA bateries) to steel rails of train, then he saw that a segment of the train move without any motor.
    2- Someone had tried to reach this effect in another way: put a numbers of magnetized metal spheres in a metal ring, then when this structure rotates, it made a propulsion.
    I am looking for a new kind of propulsion and I remember this issue. Now I give you to ask and discuss more if interested. Thank so much.
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    I've never heard of the Gutenberg Effect, but am suspicious. If trains moved without a motor under the influence of two AAA batteries, you'd never get them to sit still while in a type C track circuit. And they do.
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